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Family Adventures: 5 Activities After COVID -19

Written by: Jennifer James

Once all of the restrictions related to the coronavirus have been lifted, you likely will be more than ready to head out with your family for some adventure. Check out this list of five fun activities. Each of these suggestions should be a hit with your family.

1. Attend Sporting Events

Professional sports leagues are now looking at how to best move forward after the COVID-19 pandemic has loosened its grip, and you should consider sporting events with your fam. But even if you do not have a pro sports team nearby, you still have options. Look into nearby minor league teams and don’t forget to think about collegiate sporting events. Maybe it is time to visit your alma mater with your kids?

If your children are not that interested in sports, they can still have a great time. When you head to sporting events, you go for more than the game or match. You attend for the overall experience. Look more into how this experience could be perfect for you and your family.

2. Eat Out Together

You might be getting tired of only having access to delivery and take out. Your children could be tired of your attempts at cooking. Once the quarantine is over, you should look into eating out together again. Your local economy, business owners, and restaurant workers will appreciate your family’s visit, too.

Be sure to consider booking your table well in advance. Families just like yours will be jumping at the opportunity to eat out together again. For those of you who are looking to not spend that much money, you should know your kids will usually be just as happy with a visit to their favorite fast-food joint as they would with some fancy-schmancy establishment.

3. Head to the Movies

Access to movie theaters has been restricted to you and your family during this global crisis. So once the pandemic is further under control, you might want to watch a flick together again. Take time now to see if there are any movies your children have on their must-see movie list.

If you are looking to save money, you can find discount movie tickets online. Also, don’t forget that your matinee movie times will have lower ticket prices than your evening screening. Be sure to budget in plenty of money for your soda, popcorn, and any other snacks, too.

4. Go Kayaking

Have you ever gone kayaking? If you have done this before, then you know just how fun this activity can be. What about your family? Have they ever gone kayaking? You have both freshwater and saltwater kayaking that you can consider. You could even book guided kayaking adventures. No matter the skill level of your family, you should have a great time. There are even rapids young children and any elderly people in your party could enjoy.

You might want to look into visiting California for this activity. The state is home to some great rivers your family will enjoy. For example, white water kayaking in southern California on the Kern River provides your family with great rapids and all kinds of other rewarding outdoor experiences.

5. Visit Museums

It’s always a great idea for parents to enrich the lives of their children with visits to museums. Once these facilities are not closed because of COVID-19, you should consider visiting one or several museums with your family. If you want to visit more than one museum, you should look into heading to Washington, DC. The Smithsonian could without a doubt be a hit with your fam.

But if destination travel isn’t doable, you should be able to locate cool museums in or near your community. Plan in advance and see if you can find any discount or free tickets. When you visit museums, you don’t have to spend much money. Any children you have will get in some very important history lessons, too.

You will again have access to adventures for your tribe. No matter which idea above you choose for your fam, you will have a good time. Spend more time now to decide which activity will be best for your family. You might even want to share these ideas with them.


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