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Happy Hour: We’re Bringing Brazil to The States

Caipirinha [cai-pi-ri-nha]


A Brazilian cocktail made with cachaça, lime, sugar, and crushed ice.

It’s Tuesday! The only decision you need to make is bottle or glass. If you choose the latter, I have a tasty libation for you to sample. The caipirinha is Brazil’s national cocktail, and the perfect concoction to sip during your pregame shenanigans. Below is a list of ingredients you’ll need in order to make this refreshment:


  • Ice
  • 1 lime
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 2 ounces cachaça (Star of the show)


Cut lime into four pieces and sprinkle with sugar (add more sugar to sweeten). Use a muddler, or the end of a spoon, to crush the lime to release the juice.  Add crushed ice cubes and cachaça.  Shake/stir well. Pour liquor into old-fashioned glass. Voila! You’ve officially made a caipirinha!

Please drink responsibly. This is a powerful alcoholic beverage.  


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