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How Does Culture Influence Local Community?

Culture can influence almost anything, from how we define ourselves to how we spend our time in recreation. However, sometimes it can feel as though our modern culture is quite disengaging, and that it disconnects people through and through. At a time where lockdowns across the world have caused many of us to miss our friends and family, and when social media and the dizzying effects of online interaction seem to be unfurling our interpersonal capabilities, it can sometimes feel as though community is a thing of the past.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. Culture can positively inform your local community in the best way, and sometimes, we just have to be the engine drive to make that happen. 

It’s important we consider what this means, because community is essential for our wellbeing and sense of general health. In this post, we’ll consider a few ways by which culture can influence community, why that matters, and how you may begin to make changes in your local environment.

Shared Principles

Shared principles are almost always how communities thrive, and there’s no reason why they aren’t shared in your local community, too. It could be that by getting involved in community life by running an artist’s meetup or simply attending exercise groups, you meet your neighbors and bring life to your area. What’s more, taking part in projects such as community solar planning can be tremendously helpful and reliable in the long run for reducing our environmental impact. When communities see change and possibility, they band and bond together.

Shared Projects

It’s important to ensure you have shared projects to make use of and consider. Community cleanup activities that help you plant trees in the park, pick up litter from time to time or simply support local shows and businesses can all make an environment seem worth it, and this also encourages people around you to care. We often see that only people who may be living in an area for some time care about putting their energies in this direction, but there’s no reason as to why young people or young professionals can’t care for the community life too. It just needs to seem worth it.

Community Responsibilities

Community responsibilities are worth considering, as everyone has a part to play, and it’s good to promote efforts that bring people together. You might, for instance, run a promotion  for the local store that you manage or help out with which is also geared to help everyone on your street. For instance, a ‘support our businesses’ or ‘save our venues’ supporting effort can be tremendously useful and may even help you connect with those you live near. It might even be that you do your best to engage with youth programs to help those in difficult areas feel engaged in supported, just as they deserve to be.

With this advice, we hope you can see how culture influences local community, and that to the degree you can, you become a worthwhile force in that.

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