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Meet the Dallas Brunch Brigade


Coming from Shreveport,  brunch was rarely a “ting“.  Maybe it was because I was fresh out of college and working long hours or maybe I missed the memo, but once I moved to the Dallas Fort-Worth area, I soon found out that I’m not living if I’m not brunching.

By definition, “Brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch eaten usually during the late morning, but it can extend to as late as 3pm.”  Favorites like chicken & waffles, pancakes, shrimp & grits, breakfast potatoes,  and fruit are available in many places.  The food is all fine and dandy, but the real champion of brunch is mimosas.  Champagne and fresh juices should not be taken lightly, because they can sneak up on you.  Brunch is at the perfect time for those who slept in on the weekend or even those who were up early.

What I really like about brunch though, is that it can be and most of the time is a highly social event.  Most people wind down after a long week at work and enjoy their afternoon with friends enjoying drinks and food together.  It’s kind of like a weekend meeting where you catch up with people, make plans, make new friends, and just enjoy laughs together.  Being new to a city, one may not know what places to go or have people to go with to brunch.  Well a friend  in brunch thought of a solution to this.  The Black Brunch Brigade was created by Ally and Brittany.  Through the powers of GroupMe and social media, they gathered together a bunch of brunch eating young men and women to indulge in all things Black AF and Brunch AF.  What sparked the minds behind BBB, I asked Ally herself what was the reason for the creation.


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