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Online Hacks For The Summer Traveler

Traveling in this day and age requires regular internet access, especially if you’re on the road for any significant length of time. Whether it’s for checking in at home with loved ones, catching up on your favorite shows, or uploading travel blogs, or even getting a bit of freelancing work, the internet has become our lifeblood. Frequent travelers have all sorts of hints and tips for getting online and making the most out of the internet while they’re on the road: here are just a few.

Get a Boingo account

Trying to find that perfect cafe with a combination of good coffee and speedy WiFi can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack, depending on where in the world you are. The ability to find internet access while strolling casually around the streets feels like something dreams are made of. Well, with a Boingo account, you can pick up WiFi hotspots the world over. Many municipalities use the hotspots, so chatting with friends while you’re away couldn’t be easier. Depending on where you’re traveling, they offer different price brackets and accounts, so it’s definitely worth a look before you head abroad.

Don’t miss your favorite Netflix shows

When you’re on the road for any length of time, sometimes all you want is a quiet evening in your hotel room with a good book or your favorite Netflix shows. Unfortunately, Netflix has a thing about blocking accounts trying to access from abroad. All it not lost, though, as you can access your home country’s Netflix through a VPN, as explained by securethoughts, so you never have to miss out on another series launch again.

Stay in cheaper accommodation

It seems to be an annoyingly universal truth that the more you pay for a hotel, the more likely you are to have to pay a not-insignificant fee for access to their snail-paced WiFi. Among other things, this is one of the best things about staying in traveler’s hostels – they know the importance of good quality, speedy, and free WiFi. So if online access is something which is important to you while you’re away, whether it’s for streaming shows or FaceTiming your family, you might find that you’re better off staying in low-end accommodation than you are the four-star hotels.

Make the most of offline maps

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to be on the WiFi, and using data roaming abroad can be seriously pricey. Unless you fancy carrying a street map around with you, everywhere you go, it can be handy to have access to maps, even when you can’t get on the WiFi. There was a time when all you could do was screenshot the Google map image of your area and hope for the best. But they got wind of this traveler’s dilemma and made it possible to download sections of the map, while you have access to WiFi, in order to use that map, in all its detail, including a GPS marker, when you have no access to WiFi at all. For those who feel far safer traveling with access to a map, this is a real game changer.


As technology improves and people become more reliant on online access, the vacation internet hacks just keep getting better and better.

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