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A Pool of Wine – Swim or Drink ?

Friday’s Bucket List

  1. Purchase a bucket
  2. Fill it up with wine
  3. Drink up…or bathe in it.

If you’re a wino like me, you may consider planning a trip to the Yunessun Spa Resort. Guest can enjoy more than 25 different spa packages, including a sake treatment and a wine bath.

Yes, I said a wine bath!

This booze pool, also known as vinotherapy, is a popular skincare regimen that helps to reduce problems associated with ageing. Alcoholics, I mean paying patrons, can rejuvenate their skin by bathing in a mixture of red-grape seeds, branches, and vines. The antioxidant properties are believed to minimize wrinkles, improve blood circulation, and hydrate skin.

Who needs anti-aging cream when you can dip into a tub full of Merlot

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