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Travel Light , Smart and in Style – Tips from A Traveler

Contributor – Aigner M.

It’s a new year and much like everyone else, I have my list of resolutions. One of the top resolutions is to travel more. I have been blessed to be able to travel outside of the country more than once and around the USA frequently due to an amazing job as a Product Specialist for HP.

I realized not only do I love to travel but I’m actually pretty good at it to! Now you may be asking, how can one be GOOD at traveling? Its expensive, hard to plan, and utterly nerve-wracking at times.  But when it is so easy to log on to your news feed while sitting in our work cubicles and, with envy, look at  self proclaimed travel junkies and celebrities jet setting to Dubai, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Greece or Egypt, now is the time to ask yourself: why be envious? Why not live the life you want in 2016?

During my years of travel, I’ve learned a thing or two that will make life so much easier before, during and after your journey.

Number 1 – Pack Light

As a woman, this seems like an impossible task. I mean c’mon, I need at least fives pairs of shoes/heels, workout clothes, shopping clothes, lounging clothes, and sexy dresses (hey! you never know where you’ll end up at night), right? WRONG.

  • Jeans are your best friend
    • You really only need two pair: a traditional blue jean and jazz it up with a different color for the second pair. Colored jeans can be dressed up easily and can go from day to night with minimal effort.
  • Limit yourself to 3 Shoes
    • Tennis shoes for working out and/or exploring the city comfortably, flats or sandals – for a more casual look and the beach, and finally a great pair of COMFORTABLE black heels. These heels can be worn with anything (including workout tights) to dress up a casual outfit.
  • Travel size hygienic products
    •  By getting the travel size, you are saving space in your suitcase and minimizing the weight of your luggage as well.
  • T-shits are your best friend!
    • I always travel with neutral colors (black, white, gray) because they will go with anything and I can wear them anywhere, but any color you like is fine as well.
  • Invest in a nice sweater or bomber jacket!
    • No matter where you are going a sweater or light jacket is perfect for making your way through cold airports or to throw over your T-shirt when going out at night
  • Dinner Party Ready
    • Be sure to include one nice dress (LBD’s are definitely the safe and classic go to for women or for the men, a nice pair of dress pants). If you end up in a fancy place, you can throw this on and suddenly you look like you know what you doing.


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