Unusual Summer Sports To Explore When Traveling

When it comes to sports, we all tend to participate in the same ones. From soccer to basketball and football, the numbers are telling. And, there is nothing wrong with going down the tried and tested route. After all, they are popular for a reason. But, if the lack of selection is getting you down, don’t fret because there are alternatives. Okay, they might be a little off the reservation, yet they are incredibly fun and well worth experiencing. So, for all you people who want more spice in your life, these are the unusual sports to try this summer.

Base Jumping

In layman’s terms, base jumping consists of jumping from an elevated platform with a parachute strapped to your back. You’ll be glad to hear you pull the chute before hitting the ground, but it isn’t until you hit speeds of up to 150 mph. Wingsuit flyers go even faster and reach speeds of 200 mph, which is only 42 mph slower than a Peregrine Falcon. Due to a significant amount of danger, it is safer to do it in dry and calm conditions. Thankfully, the summer weather is perfect so you don’t have an excuse!


Have you ever been white water rafting? Well, canyoning is like that but without the raft! Yep, along with a team of mentalists, a wet suit and a helmet, you dive into rapids and hope to come out of the other side. Depending on the level of the course, you can do everything from bobbing down rapids to jumping off waterfalls. Again, the danger aspect means the high water level is not conducive to canyoning, so summer is the best time. Just make sure you don’t get rafting and canyoning mixed up because you’ll be in for a shock.

Paddle Boarding

Finally, a sport which doesn’t require you to put your body in danger! If the thought of flying at 200 mph or descending waterfalls doesn’t appeal, paddle boarding is a chilled out alternative. With a stand up paddle board in tow, you can calmly explore the waters and the surrounding areas. Some people just like to go out into the deep blue and be at one with their thoughts. Whatever your agenda, don’t take it too lightly. Yes, paddle boarding is causal, but it takes it toll on the arms and legs. Oh, and don’t forget the suncream, either.

Volcano Boarding

If snowboarding is too cold for you, there is volcano boarding. As the name suggests, it involves hurtling down a live volcano on a modified snow board with the soft sound of an eruption in the background. And, there is the strong smell of sulphur and poisonous gases to cater for, too. However, all this is easy to forget when you are surfing down volcanic ash. Of course, there might not be a local volcano near you, so dune boarding is another excellent alternative. Plus, it’s a bit kinder on the body if you happen to fall off.

If you want to experience sport in a different setting, these are the ones to try.


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