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Writing Tips for People who Love to Travel

Whatever kind of writer you are wherever you are on your writer’s journey, there will always be times when you feel uninspired or downbeat. Don’t worry, this is part of the journey too, and probably points to issues in your writing life that need to be resolved so that you can move forward. Below are some travel writing tips to shake you out of those problem moments. 

Read Writing That Inspires You 

If you ask a writer what first inspired them to pick up a pen for themselves or download a writing app on their smartphone, it was probably an idea. It was the idea that hey, maybe I could do that. Not only does reading inspire you to write for yourself. It also teaches you how to write in your chosen field or niche. Travel writing, for instance, is very different from fiction writing, but not so different from journalism. You can learn a lot about your craft by learning and imitating good writing in your favorite publications. 

Do it for the Right Reasons

The travel writers who fail are the ones who choose the niche for the wrong reasons. Perhaps they want to earn money from it or gain perks such as free hotel rooms and tickets. These perks may be available when you’re a recognised writer, click to learn more about motorcycle shipping, but there’s a long way to go until then. If you’re genuinely a travel writer, you will love two things – traveling and writing. Embrace this, and do it for the love of it. Identify publications you want to see your writing in and work towards those. 

Embrace Creative Storytelling 

The art and craft of storytelling is an ever-changing landscape. Audiences come to expect certain ideas and tropes to present in certain story moments, and it’s your job as a writer to avoid these expectations and to be continually surprising. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your storytelling and to get creative with other people’s ideas. Some stories will even demand to be told in a nonlinear way based on the type of events and the people involved. 

Find Your Motivation 

Every character in a story needs some motivation, so what is your motivation to write travel articles? Presumably, it’s something deeper and more essential that mere travel perks. According to Ernest Hemingway, there are four qualities every writer needs to succeed. There is discipline, talent, luck, and belief. Sometimes the most talented writers will not succeed because they don’t have any discipline; similarly, a talentless writer with discipline may get lucky. Chances are you will have a degree of everything, but you can always cultivate the weaker aspects and make your own luck. 

Find a Method of Composition 

Ever found yourself staring at a blank screen becoming ever more frustrated by the lack of inspiration? You need to get creative with how you inspire yourself to write. Change your sitting position or location, do some exercise, or write a pretend email to a friend telling them about your adventures. This could be your starting point for a new travel piece. 

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