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6 Reasons Why Summer Is So Great

Summer is the best season of all for many reasons. Apart from the sunshine and cool wind sweeping your hair, you can get the benefits of being outside. If you live in a gray part of the world where there’s no sun, you need to get out and enjoy it while you can. And here are three reasons why summer is the best time of year…

Sun’s Out, Guns Out!

Working out outside may sound like the kind of activity that’s reserved for gym bunnies in LA, but completing a workout in the open air beats a stuffy gym that stinks of men! If you’re one of those who feels insecure about their looks, get working out now, ready to show off your stuff in the sun. Doing a bit of exercise out in the sun may help you to burn more calories purely because of the sweat!  

Take Me Out To The Ball Game…

There is nothing quite like a baseball game in a big stadium during a warm summer’s evening. The atmosphere, the people, and the beer all make an evening out on those hard seats something special. There are plenty of baseball tickets sites to get some seats for you and your family. And get a hot dog!


Eddie Murphy told us not to go to cookouts, but I’m not inclined to agree with him on this one! Summer is all about char-coaled meat, beer, and fantastic conversation with friends. I’m sure one of your friends or Aunt Mable is doing a cookout this year, so get down there and pile your plate up high! Why does barbecued meat taste so much better than when it’s done in the oven? I don’t know, but I wish every day could be a BBQ day!

You Actually Want To Get Up In The Morning!

There’s nothing worse than when you wake up in the winter, and it’s still dark. I don’t know about you, but I just feel much better when the sun’s out. It might be the Vitamin D, or it might be because it’s summer, and it’s time to hit the beach!


Those Summer Drives…

With the top down and the system up! Going round town soaking up the sun in your convertible is a feeling that can’t be bettered. You actually don’t mind getting stuck in traffic when you’ve decided to hit the road on a long journey round the beaches, before getting some drive thru, and maybe going to a drive-in movie. Summer’s great for that stuff!

An Excuse To Eat Anything

Ice creams are the greatest thing in the summer because they cool you down on a hot day, but what about some great Caribbean food? Some Jamaican jerk chicken with rice and peas, washed down with a Red Stripe? That is the feeling of summer to me, and eating it on a roof terrace, overlooking a beach is just the best. Food in the summer always tastes better to me, from the fish to the olives, it’s all good!

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