5 Creative Ways To Make Money – Fast!

Have you ever wondered how you can make more money, fast? Seems like an impossible task until you research the number of creative ways you can make a fairly substantial amount both on or offline. Here are some ideas you could try – today!


Start your own website and write a blog around subjects that you are interested in. Once you have a niche, write articles and publish them onto your blog. The next stage is to get your blog noticed, otherwise your words will be floating around in cyberspace with no readers. Social media platforms are the key to driving traffic to your site, so become interactive and build up your following. How do you make money blogging? There are many ways to monetize your site. You could use affiliate links, adverts, sponsored and collaborative posts, to name a few. Believe it or not brands are prepared to pay bloggers to write about their products and share on your social media platforms!


Become an online market trader

Trading on the financial market may seem a scary prospect to start with, however online financial trading has now become accessible to all. Due to the internet, trading is no longer only the domain of stock brokers. There are now websites such as which guide you through the process. There are also numerous market trading platforms to choose from. Whilst learning the ropes you can open accounts using “pretend” money, a bit like monopoly, which will get you used to market trading before parting with any real cash.


Sell unwanted items

Have a clear out by selling any unwanted books, clothes, kids toys, furniture, old gaming consoles – anything really. It is surprising what people will buy. By using websites such as ebay your items will have a huge audience of buyers. Facebook has also become a good selling platform and has the convenience of buyers usually being local, therefore reducing the cost of postage. There are other websites too, such as Gumtree. If you want to take selling preloved items a step further it is possible to make a full time career from becoming a reseller, this basically means sourcing items to sell at a low price and selling on at a profit. Good places to get your stock is from car boot sales and charity shops.


Become a dog walker or babysitter

If you love animals and children there is cash waiting for reliable people to walk pets and babysit children. Start by word of mouth to build up your reputation and then consider advertising in local shops, leaflet drops and community magazines. For babysitting it would be helpful to undertake a course in first aid and have a DBS check. For dog walking you need to have some previous experience of handling dogs.


Work as a translator

If you are multilingual you could work as a translator. This is a career option that is in hot demand as professional translators are needed to translate information both online and offline. It is possible to be employed as a translator or you may prefer to be a freelance translator. There is certainly enough work out there, for both options.


This is just a snapshot of creative ways to earn money, there are many other options available.



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