5 Time-Wasting Factors That Affect Remote Working


The world of work has transformed worldwide, largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the developments most businesses have experienced is remote working, which has proven beneficial in many ways. Remote working is no longer a novel phenomenon; new tech solutions have been developed to enhance it. And yet, it still has its issues, including time-wasting, which remote workers can subconsciously engage in while working in their comfort zone. As a business owner, it’s best to put in measures to reduce factors that can facilitate time wasting, as it can seriously affect productivity and overall work progress. It all starts with knowing what these factors are, including those below. 

  • Low-quality computers and devices


At home, remote workers rely on their computers, tablets, printers, and Wi-Fi to work. In many cases, such devices may either be low-quality or hardly serviced compared to company devices. It’s not uncommon to find remote workers using faulty computers that slow down their work. The best solution to this is equipping your staff with top-quality computers and gadgets they can easily carry around while working. If that option falls outside your company’s budget, consider computer repairs, so the devices can still be in good condition and serve their purpose. 

  • Loose and unstable work schedules


Many remote workers struggle to create a consistent daily schedule due to loose or unstable work schedules. The usual 9 to 5 working hours in a traditional office setting can frustrate some workers, but at least it offers stability in terms of schedule. Workers can, therefore, plan their daily activities properly as they know exactly when their tasks start and end. That isn’t the case with loose work schedules that change daily or are inconsistent. It interrupts daily schedules, makes it difficult to plan, and leads to time wasting. To prevent this, ensure that your workers have a specific working schedule to stick to and put in measures that will help make it easier to report on what they have done. 

  • Inadequate compensation


According to some studies, 18% of remote workers waste time because they’re not paid enough for their work. Most workers associate the importance of their jobs with the salary they earn. That means if they feel they’re not well compensated, their commitment level falls, and they waste precious time at work on other things, as there’s no sense of urgency. As a business owner, you can consider motivating your staff so they’re encouraged to do their best. It doesn’t always have to be monetary; you can find other ways to let them feel valued.

  • Unspecified workspaces


Remote workers should have a dedicated space or setup in their homes set aside for work purposes. They can create a full-room office space or a makeshift desk and table in any convenient part of the house. Unfortunately, most remote workers only make do with what they have, whether it’s working from the couch or behind the dinner table. But without a dedicated workstation, the mind can easily wander away from work to any form of distraction. The lack of boundaries between workspace and personal living space takes the ‘professional’ feeling away from work and makes it harder to work efficiently. You may not be able to do much about this as your employees are working from their personal space. However, you could find creative ways to encourage your staff to explore workspaces not far from their homes, where they can easily work to enhance their productivity.

  • Unrelated work activities


Some studies show that remote workers admit to spending several hours each week on non-work-related activities during working hours. It could be surfing social media platforms or spending several minutes chatting with friends over the phone. Again, this is why it’s important to keep all forms of distractions away during working hours. 


As a business owner, knowing which factors cause time-wasting during remote work can help you put measures in place to control them. It will also help you know what you can do to be more productive if you’re also working remotely. 

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