Advantages Of Learning Online to Further Your Career

While online learning does have a few drawbacks, when pitched up against the advantages they sort of pale in comparison. Online learning has revolutionized the ability to upskill quickly, comfortably and usually for a lot less money.

Let’s take a look at some of the bonuses.


First up cash. There will probably never be a post that doesn’t talk about the lower cost of online learning. Most people will likely turn to online learning just because of the amount of money that can be saved. The cost of the traditional courses will have a number of factors. The price of the teacher, the building costs, the materials, and the prestige of the university itself. Very often though you can actually find courses for free. MIT is just one of the universities that offer their classes online free of charge.


There is pretty much no limit to what you can learn online. From simple and fun things like making wool pom poms to something like dnp nurse practitioner online!


Some universities are known for being the best in their field for a particular subject. But, that doesn’t mean that they don’t offer the same course online, or that the faculty member doesn’t have a course somewhere online that you can take.


It’s important to note that even within one subject you will find a lot of opportunities. For example, you might have a knowledge gap in your personal development or human resources, you can find a course that will cover that. Not everything has to be about your current profession either.


You can follow a few paths when you are learning online, there is a lot of variety in establishments and qualifications.



While there is a little bit of joy to be found grabbing the paper and coffee before you catch the train in the morning – there is a lot of pleasure in your own coffee cup, in your own kitchen too. Although you might have to attend some classes via live video, they will be few and far between.


Meaning that for 90% of the course, or maybe 100% you are free to do your work in your loungewear from your bed… if you want to.


You can also choose when you learn. You can design a complete routine that works with your other commitments. You’ll even spot that many courses are labeled as self-paced. Meaning there may not be a designated finishing date, but instead you can complete targets at any time.


Looks Great

The reason it looks great on a CV is it shows you are a self-starter. You have elected to learn about specific topics in your spare time rather than binge-watching Supernatural on Amazon. Where once there was a bit of a preference for a traditional degree, it’s now a level playing field. Of course, if you are looking to improve your current career, then you should be looking to take a course in your current field that compliments what you do.

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