Outsourcing and Startups: Where to Start for your business

While you’d like to grow big and strong as soon as possible, this is certainly easier said than done when you’re still a young startup. With so many other businesses out there that have been in the game for a bit longer than you, it’s hard to say where you should invest and what you should wait with – and it’s even harder to figure out exactly where you should keep your focus.

Luckily, others have been there before you and have a few great tips and tricks in terms of figuring out the tasks you should keep in-house and which ones you safely can hand over to someone else.

Here is a handful of business tasks you should outsource so that your business can focus on what it does best.

Outsource the mundane and repetitive

Try to think about your company like this; there are the tasks you do for your clients, and there are additional ones that always follows any company as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the business of baking wedding cakes or the recruitment sector, most companies share a set of mundane and repetitive processes.

Tasks such as payroll, for example, bookkeeping and accounting are one of these. The work is more or less the same every week, and by not spending any more time on it in-house, you’ll free your hands and mind to focus on other things.

A lot of business owners realize the benefits of not handling these tasks themselves, either because they feel under-qualified or because they simply don’t have time, so they assign it someone else in the company. Not by hiring a dedicated crew to take care of it – just training someone in the company to do it.

It’s a bad idea for a few reasons. First of all, you’ll spend valuable time on training an employee who you probably hired to do something else. Next, your skilled worker won’t get the chance to focus on their actual job as they’re so busy handling the bookkeeping.

As a third and final reason, many business owners notice much too late that their employee couldn’t handle the tasks properly – and the company suffers.

Outsource specialized tasks

While most businesses need IT services, it’s not really necessary to keep an entire team of tech professionals in-house unless your business actually specializes in this field. This is one of those tasks that most small business will choose to outsource as hiring someone or training an existing employee costs a lot of money – and, if you don’t train them properly, you risk paying someone who isn’t competent enough.

Have a look at IT support for businesses instead and you’ll be able to enjoy the expertise of an entire team of qualified professionals rather than just one or two. It’s the kind of stuff that both saves you money and helps your business out in case it should experience a more complex IT problem in the future. Aside from IT services, most businesses also outsource their customer service. Since customer relationship is one of the most important factors for businesses to succeed, a lot of businesses around the world opt to hire agents from a call center in the Philippines because of its good reputation in delivering quality customer service

There you have it; these are the tasks your startup can easily outsource unless you specialize in any of them, of course. It just makes it a bit easier to keep your eyes on the prize and narrow your focus a bit.

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