Cell Tower Leasing – Get the Best Terms Possible

The biggest investment you will probably ever make in your life is buying your home.

From that first one bedroom apartment, as your life changes, you will probably work your way up the property ladder until you find yourself buying a substantial family abode, that may not be your ‘forever’ home, but it will be the place that you raise your children, and so you may live there for many decades.

Everyone appreciates an easy additional source of income, and Cell Tower Leasing is one way you can benefit financially from an otherwise unused area around your land, and organising it might be easier than you think. 

What is a Cell Tower

Almost everyone these days has a cell phone, and so the cellular network needs to

enable radio signal reception in as many areas as possible to guarantee a good service

for its customers.  The cell tower facilitates this signal to cell phones and other wireless devices. Cell phone reception would not exist without Cell Towers.

How do they work

The Cell Tower transmits and receives signals from cell phones, and the radio

Waves from the cell phone, transmits to what can best be described as a mobile phone exchange for cell phones. 

What do I need to do

Some Cell Phone companies may approach you and express an interest in placing a Cell Tower on your land, but if they don’t and you feel you may have a viable opportunity, you can approach the wireless carrier yourself and suggest to them that you may have a good location for a Cell Tower.

Things to be aware of.

Cell Tower companies, such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint, will try to get the best deal for themselves, which may not be the best deal for YOU.  An offer may be made to you for siting the Cell Tower, but before you sign up to anything, make sure the offer is fair and acceptable. It’s always best to take legal advice from specialist advisors such as

How much could I be paid to site a Cell Tower

Some land lease rates range from just $100 a year, to $150,000 a year depending on the viability and uniqueness of the location.  Your neighbours land may attract a better

figure than you as each site has its own value, or it might be that your location is of more value to the cell phone company than an adjoining piece of land. It works both ways! 

Get good advice

Inevitably, the cell phone companies will present you with a financial proposal to suit them. But it may well be that they really do need your site, and you hold all the cards in the bargaining power. 


Before you sign any papers, take good legal advice and don’t be rushed into anything that you may regret. Look at the long game, and how siting a Cell Tower on your land could affect you in the future. What sounds like a good deal, may come with future consequences that without legal advice, you may not understand or appreciate. 

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