Why Interior Designers Love Tiles

Written by: Arnold Bloom

The job of an interior designer is to make a space look the best that it can and tiles happen to help a lot in that regard. We take a look at the love affair between the two.

Although there may be people in the design team who may be very reluctant to admit it, even the largest of projects has a limit, a budget. As budgets are not unlimited this will very often lead to value engineering and that will of course set limitations that will in turn force design decisions. The first things to take a hit are usually the floors and the walls. This is because most people tend to direct their funds towards other things that they may believe to be more important. This will often include things like furniture systems and lighting as well.


But this does not mean that the surfaces of our homes have to look bad. No they deserve to look just as bit elegant and graceful as the other parts of the home. This is where tiles come into play and particularly why designers like them. Tiles are applicable for installation in a number of different scenarios, they are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and also materials. Below we have listed a few reasons why interior designers love tiles.



Although there will be many architects who may not agree with this statement but geometry definitely looks much better as decor than it probably ever did in any high school math textbooks ever. When you install tiles that are differently shaped and make an overarching geometrical theme, the space will have a feel of luxury and elegance that cannot be achieved through other means of covering surfaces. Interior designers love tiles for this reason a lot. The possibilities of achieving different and varied results that are custom made to the liking of their clients is a particularly pleasing factor for them. There exists a wide range of tiles available in a multitude of geometric shapes and patterns and you can even mix and match different ones of them, to create a truly unique and personalized space.


White Tiles

White tiles have a very unique characteristic that other materials and other forms of surface covering for walls and floors just cannot. It is very well suited for spaces that need a sterile and ultra clean look, aesthetic and feel to it. This is perfect for operating rooms or also commercial kitchens than may be for contract spaces that are bustling. The fact that they are completely white (although there does exist many variations with the type of shades available) gives them that look of ultra cleanliness. This feature also makes the tile very much absorbent of dust and dirt and hence, spaces that are designed with white tiles will know exactly how dirty that room is just by looking at the surfaces. This is especially valuable in places and spaces where cleanliness is of prime importance.


Re-imagined traditional looks

When a project is undertaken, the materials that have been specified about the project can reveal a lot of things about the project. It can include things like the location of the site, what type of client this is and more importantly how they plan on using the space. These are all information that are absolutely vital for the interior designer. A natural stone or a marble is ageless. It is a material that can and has stood the test of time. It has been in use in buildings as geographically diverse as the Taj Mahal and also the Washington monument. There now does exist a lot of tiles that can mimic the look and the feel of these extremely valuable materials. It can do so for a very much lower price as well. This is yet another reason why interior designers simply love tiles and if they happen to have a client who is particularly well off they can then even suggest tiles that have been made with materials from the quarries of Italy as those are now a thing and are available.



Mosaics are also a thing that is absolutely loved by interior designers. They are an excellent addition to any space and can help to lift up the presence of that space quite significantly. The only that may be considered a put off with mosaics is that it does take a lot of time to put together. There are tiles available in the market that have been inspired by the patterns of the Chinese and also the handcrafting of the dutch. This brings out the delftware’s vibrant patterns to life in the form of blues and white that are utterly crisp. There are also tiles available in the market which are hand-cut and are offered in jewel glass or natural stone. These tiles have patterns that try to model traditional florals, Roman pineapple borders etc.


Variety of materials

Yet another reason why interior designers absolutely love tiles is because of the fact that they are available in a very wide variety of manufacturing materials. While among tiles, ceramic may be the most preferred option for walls and floors, but it is very much not the only material that is available in the market. Designers will often use wood, metal, leather and slate very regularly in order to warm up or maybe streamline a room or space with hue and textures that are very natural. There are a lot of tiles available in the market that are offered in a very broad range of shapes and sizes and also colors. This gives interior designers a plethora of options from which to choose to please the particular client in question.


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