Should You Position Yourself As A Specialist Or A Generalist?

If you run a service-based business of any kind, then one of the things you’ll need to decide at some point is whether you want to position yourself as a specialist or a generalist. Although there’s really no right or wrong answer and there are definite pros and cons to each option, in this post we’re going to cover some of the benefits of each option so that you can make an informed decision for yourself.




  • Less competition:


If you’re working as a specialist, you’re going to have far less competition than someone who’s a generalist and is able to do a bit of everything – simply because there are far more generalists around than there are specialists, and the more you niche yourself, then the smaller your level of competition is going to be. For example, if you’re a copywriter for the building or construction industries and you want to niche down and write only about Telehandlers.


  • Better money:


Many people hold off on choosing a niche because they think they’re limiting the opportunities available to them, but in reality they’re actually giving themselves more opportunities by choosing a niche and finding where the real money is.


  • Better clients:


Again, a lot of people think that choosing a niche means that they will less chances to find clients, but what actually happens is, not only is it easier to find clients as a specialist, but the clients you do find are a lot better since they actually pay more because they value the work and understand what a specialist brings and aren’t just on the hunt for the cheapest option.



  • More variety:


Of course, being a generalist isn’t all bad and definitely has its good points, such as a lot more in terms of the variety of work you’re going to be doing, so if you don’t want to be writing the same things everyday, then being a generalist could be a really great way to avoid this since you’re going to have many different projects and clients who you’ll be able to write for.


  • Great for just starting out:


If you’re just at the very beginning of your career, then being a generalist is a really good way to start because it allows you test the waters and try a lot of different industries and types of content so that you can find your feet and see what you really enjoy doing and what you’re good at.


  • Makes it easy to pick a niche later:


Starting out as a generalist, as we mentioned above, allows you to try so many different things that it’s a great way to go for a while if you’re not sure what your niche will be and then you will find it a lot easier to pick one later down the road. So, even if you work as a generalist for a few years before picking your niche, at least you’ll feel a lot less unsure of yourself when making the decision of what niche to choose.

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