The Health Responsibilities Business Owners Neglect

One of the most famous photos of the past century, Lunch atop a Skyscraper, showing building workers seated on a girder with their feet dangling above New York City, proves how much health and safety regulations  have changed.

They are integrated into the standard day-to-day business practice. The days when the workforce used to put their lives at risk to get paid at the end of the month are long gone. s changed.

While ultimately the shoot was staged to promote the Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, it’s hard to imagine that today’s business owners would be able to convince their employees to pose for such a dangerous scene.

However, just because you’re sticking to the now strict H&S rules doesn’t mean that you always put the health of your employees first. In fact, business owners need to add further responsibilities to protect their staff:

Tackling workplace stress

Did you know that stress is the number one killer in the workplace? Hectic working hours, demanding clients, tight deadlines, and conflicted business politics are some of the most common reasons for stress. Ultimately, while you can address some of the issues, it is impossible to take stress out of the equation. But you can offer support and relief strategies to your team. Companies such as Google have introduced on-site yoga classes as a way to help employees relax. You can also have an equipped gym studio for staff to use during their break.

Overtime is never okay

The average employee works up to 10 hours overtime every week. By the end of the month, it’s an additional week of work! Unfortunately, working longer hours has become an acceptable behavior in the workplace and is even encouraged by business owners. However, you want to consider the cost of everybody giving more than 100% all the time. Overtime causes fatigue, which leads to lack of attention and concentration. In certain professions, such as fleet drivers, for instance, tiredness can kill. You need to introduce strict office and fleet safety rules to ensure that rest time is implemented. Your team is safer rested.

Vending machines are not a good idea

If you’re considering adding some yummy snacks to the office, with a chocolate bar vending machine, for instance, you might want to reconsider your options. An unhealthy diet can have dramatic consequences. Instead, you need to fill your kitchen cupboard with healthy snacking options that keep your staff nourished and focused.Offering food in the office make your employees feel appreciated. Nutritious meals and snacks keep your team productive.

Why sit when you can stand?

While some offices allow employees to choose their furniture, only a minority of businesses offer health-focused desk alternatives. Stand up desks, for instance, can help to break the habit of sitting all day. Indeed, individuals who sit for extended hours are more likely to develop high risks of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and diabetes. On the contrary, the introduction of an ergonomic stand up desk can not only reduce risks but also improve the overall health and wellness of your team.

It’s crucial for business owners to evaluate how they can improve the health of their employees. While health and safety regulations tackle occupational hazards, there are still many gray areas regarding everyday business behaviors and habits!


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