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Another one of “OUR” Shows GONE!!


This past Friday it was announced that the plug was being pulled from the “The Arsenio Hall Show”. The show was a hit in the early 90’s and was trying to revive itself in the year of 20-14. But this show being pulled off the air has raised a question among other African American celebrities who are in the media industry. Do we as an African American culture support our fellow faces that are represented in the media? If every black household in America turned it to “The Arsenio Hall Show” once a week, would the ratings be high enough to keep one of the legends on television? As a culture we support shows like Real House Wives of Atlanta, a “reality show” that really is making our African American women look bad. Why is that? There are not a lot of late night talk shows on television and the one’s with a black host is even more rare. We have to support our culture and the positive things that our black culture provides!



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