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The Biggest Challenges Of Being An Immigrant In The US Today

You’d think that the trials and struggles of being an immigrant or a refugee would be over as soon as they touched down in the Land of the Free. This is a big misconception shared by lifelong American citizens and people hoping to settle there. With the Trump administration taking more and more steps with its immigration policy, which you can read about here:, things are set to become harder than ever. Here are some of the most glaring challenges of being an immigrant to the US today.

Raising Kids and Helping Them Do Well in School

One of the biggest issues that refugee and immigrant parents face when they arrive in the US is raising their children in a new and unfamiliar culture. Many parents will find that their children will become “Americanized” very quickly, a process which may be at odds with the culture they’ve been raised in. Furthermore, children tend to pick up the language much faster than their parents. This can skew a healthy parent-child relationship, and children, especially, teenagers, are going to use this to its full advantage. When it comes to education, immigrant parents often report their child struggling to keep up, along with discrimination and bullying rooted in cultural differences. Kids are generally placed in classes according to their age rather than their ability, and without a strong command in English, school can be a huge challenge.

Securing and Keeping Work

Although many immigrants and refugees will be happy with whatever work is going when they first arrive, getting an entry-level job that could lead to a career, and working their way up the ladder, is extremely difficult for many foreign nationals. Even if you forget about illegal immigrants who face even more challenges, not being fluent in English presents a massive barrier for those looking for employment in the US. This makes it hard to secure and perform well in interviews, and can also make it hard to understand the various rules and regulations of working in the US, which could cause some people to need legal services such as this: Finally, due to the language barrier and cultural alienation, many immigrants who were highly qualified in their home countries find greatly reduced opportunities in the states, leading to frustration and burnout.

Securing Housing

We all know that safe, comfortable, and affordable housing can be very expensive. Imagine trying to obtain a decent roof over your head with the low-paying jobs that many migrants get stuck with. This particular challenge pushes many migrant families to live together in residences that are too small, creating stressful and unpleasant environments, far from helpful for studying, getting sleep, and spending quality time with their loved ones. Like in many aspects of life, immigrants are frequently exploited by landlords, and given housing with structural issues and infestations. Unfamiliar with the rights guaranteed by the constitution, and with a shaky grasp on English, many of these immigrants will let this kind of treatment go on indefinitely.

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