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Can’t Keep Your NYE Resolutions? Top 6 ways Pinterest Can Keep You on Track!



Contributor :  A.C. 

1.Don’t bring  Doritos to the company potluck this year. Instead let Pinterest guide you in a new way and give you new dish ideas.
2. Christmas shopping leaving you with lint? Investing in a hover board set you back? Check out these different tips on saving money for the single, married, and retail-addicted
Pinterest- moneyman
3.Need to flee the country?  Overdue girl’s trip?
There’s tips for beginner travelers as well as shots of beautiful  locations to inspire your plans
4.Drawer cant hold all your lipsticks? Constantly asking “Ok, Now where did I put that..”? Find organization tips for big and small spaces for your closet, cubicle, or bathroom
5. Wishing someone would leave #BodyGoals on your IG?  Sucking it in has become an exercise in itself & Pinterest is full of work out guides and meal plans to help you reach your goal
6.  Kiddos want to hang to and the date night outings becoming routine? Get ideas to bring you and your family closer in 2016, or start today!
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