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Tips and Tricks on How to Plan a Surprise Party (That Will Actually Be a Surprise

Written by: Cathy Carter

No matter how well you know the guest of honor, planning a surprise party for them may prove to be a challenge. Working with the celebrant’s preferences while also working around COVID-19 is a task that no one should undertake alone. 

To coordinate the perfect celebration, it takes a group of people putting their heads together to come up with a well-crafted party.

Are you looking for some backup? Read on to learn how to plan a surprise party that’s sure to wow your guest of honor and give everyone a good time.  

  1. Get the Guests Involved

The first thing you should do is develop a close-friend shortlist and reach out to the people on this list. It’s important to keep everyone in the loop ahead of time, so no one gives away any spoilers to the guest of honor. 

And because they know the guest of honor well, shortlist friends can give you ideas for how to throw a surprise party that pleases the celebrant.    

  1. Make the Theme Meaningful

If you’re going to plan a surprise party for someone, then you better take their interests and hobbies into account. Anyone can be the recipient of a surprise party, but adding a personal touch is what makes a party special.

If someone likes chocolate, then make a chocolate cake the highlight of the menu. Or if they like wine, then center the party around a winetasting session. 

As long as you keep the guest of honor in mind, you can organize a one-of-a-kind party that makes a certain someone feel extra special.

  1. Plan Safe Activities

Although you want to make sure someone has an amazing time, you also want to protect them during a global pandemic.

You can still throw a fun party while planning safe activities. A spaced-out drinking circle, online games, and Zoom hangouts are all entertaining ways to celebrate. 

You may have to keep your distance, but this doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected. Factor social distance into your surprise party planning, and you’re sure to come up with unexpected ways to bond with everyone.   

  1. Pick a Creative Location

You don’t want to give away your intentions with an obvious location. Festive areas and fancy restaurants could tip off your guest of honor and ruin the anticipation.

Instead, open up your playbook. Parks, cafes, and scenic areas can keep your party under the radar while still providing partygoers with a pleasant experience. 

Remember, you don’t need the most exciting venue to throw a surprise party. You just need a space that allows people to connect with each other.

  1. Accent the Night

A sick beat is the cherry on top of any celebration and can take your surprise party to the next level. If you get the guest of honor’s taste in music right, they’ll be dancing all evening and creating lasting memories. 

Add music to your surprise party planning checklist and survey your local area for party bands for hire.

A party isn’t complete until someone has a catchy tune to swing their hips to.  

Have Fun and Learn How to Plan a Surprise Party 

Although sorting out details can be stressful, all that matters is giving the guest of honor a night to remember. Put positive energy into learning how to plan a surprise party, and your party will reflect that energy in the form of a fun time.

And if you’re still unsure, that’s okay. Check out our Girlfriends of Culture section for more tips to help you plan out events and instill life into your parties.

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