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Flourish Releases New Tee ” Make Melanin Flourish Again”

The Flourish Brand , a voice of the culture to continues to do their best or in their words Flourish. 

They have just released a new t shirt line “Make Melanin Flourish Again ” . Definition of Melanin : a dark brown to black pigment occurring in the hair, skin, and iris of the eye in people It is responsible for tanning of skin exposed to sunlight.  Purchase your shirt –>>

More than a trending hashtag, #melanin celebrates the beauty and diversity of black and brown skin shades. Taking its name from the pigment that gives the skin, hair and eyes their darker hues, the hashtag has now been used over 2 million times. Joining a group including #blackgirlmagic#melaninrich and, of course, #blacklivesmatter, it represents and inspires a community of followers to take pride in their bodies and demand space for their representation. In a media world that so often neglects the existence of black bodies and issues, the power of the #melanin hashtag is changing the game. 

We recently covered their remarkable impact during the NBA playoffs with the new shirt for the Golden State Warriors ” Quickie”

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