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Chris Bentley and Carlos Miller decided that they wanted to make a change in their community. They wanted to create something truly useful, so the two best friends since middle school crafted a way to help out the homeless community — they created Live Fresh Palm Beach County, a mobile shower and personal hygiene facility.

The program was started in March of this year, and they’ve managed to serve more than 250 people since.

Live Fresh Palm Beach County can be found around other facilities that help the homeless, whether they be non-profits or faith-based orgs. This strategic placement brings the service to areas where those in need are likely to find it.

And the men have noticed the impact the service is making. In an interview with Palm Beach Post, Bentley described what the impact has been like so far: “One man likened it like raindrops from heaven. Some told us they hadn’t showered in almost three weeks. It’s important for everyone to have the space and privacy to do something as intimate as this. And feeling clean and refreshed is a game changer.”

Participants receive a set of personal hygiene essentials such as deodorant, conditioner, floss, towels, shampoo, soap and a toothbrush and toothpaste. The duo has also teamed up with a local community group to conduct health screenings and HIV testing once a month.

Congrats to both these gentlemen for creating an innovative way to serve their community. There are currently locations in northern and central Palm Beach County, but they look forward to branching out. For more information on Live Fresh Palm Beach County  and how you can help, check it out here.

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