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House of Rep. Candidate – Victim of Hateful Vandalism


Source: KITV Island News

A candidate running for a seat in the state House of Representatives appears to be the victim of a racially motivated hate crime.

Cedric Gates is a candidate in the 44th district. That’s in Waianae — where Gates was born and raised.

cedric gates

He says he got a call early Tuesday morning from someone who said some of his campaign signs were defaced. The vandalism happened overnight. Someone painted a racial slur on the banners, which we have blurred out in the photo.

Gates says he was shocked because the Waianae community has always embraced him.

“I was disgusted when I heard what was written on the banner. I think that right now as a community, as a city, as a nation, we need to denounce racism and inequality,” said Gates.

Gates is not pointing a finger at his election opponent and will not speculate about who might have defaced his campaign banners. He has filed a police report.

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This was posted to his Facebook account after the incident

Aloha Family, Friends, and Community members! I would like to first share a deep heartfelt Mahalo to everyone for the outpouring of love and support! I am forever grateful to all of you who stand in solidarity with me regarding this disrespectful and shameless act of hate. Not only am I a PROUD African-American, I am a PROUD Afakasi as well. (Half Polynesian/Half African-American Ethnicity). As a community member BORN & RAISED IN ‪#‎WAIANAE‬, I would like to say that this hate crime DOES NOT IN ANY WAY REFLECT THE VIEWS OF OUR BEAUTIFUL, LOVING, and ACCEPTING COMMUNITY AS A WHOLE! LET THIS NOT DIVIDE US, BUT UNITE US AS A COMMUNITY. I LOVE YOU ALL!

I went down to the Wai’anae Police Station to fill out a Police report regarding my Cedric for Hawaii 2016 Campaign banners. To be honest my banners were stolen and vandalized multiple times this month. However, I did not say nor post anything about those incidents because I believed it was a waste of time and I also didn’t want my campaign to be associated with any negativity. I didn’t even want to make a post about today’s incident either. HPD has now opened a criminal investigation on this matter and I am also awaiting video footage from the owner of the building where my banner was defaced. I will keep you all posted.

If anyone has any information please message me. I have said a humble prayer for the lost soul(s) who committed this crime and ask that you do the same. If the perpetrator(s) is reading this, may God guide you in your ways. With Aloha, Cedric
‪#‎UnifyWaianae‬! ‪#‎UnifyHawaii‬! ‪#‎UnifyAmerica‬!‪#‎Cedric4Hawaii2016‬! ‪#‎WaianaeStrong‬! ??‪#‎GodIsLove‬ ❤️



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