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Hurricane Harvey – A Reminder To Stay Safe When Disaster Strikes

This week, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, causing damage and destruction in scenes that brought back vivid memories of Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans back in 2005. With many people being forced to leave their homes for weeks or even months, this latest hurricane reminds us that it’s more important than ever that we stay safe when disaster hits.

The impact of Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has been almost two weeks in the making, emerging from a tropical wave in the Caribbean on August 17 before passing through Barbados and eventually reaching Texas where it has had the most devastating impact. More than 35 inches of rainfall was predicted, a figure that could reach up to 50 inches as the hurricane hits Houston for the second time. The devastation already caused has shocked the nation, as many people have been forced to evacuate their homes. Hundreds of properties have been damaged so far, a figure that could rise as the full extent of the damage becomes known. More than ever it remains important for people to remain safe during a disaster and follow any instructions that are provided.

Preparing for the unexpected

With many natural disasters, it can be difficult to predict when they are going to occur. With hurricanes or storms, you may get some advanced warning that can give you some time to prepare for their arrival. You can find useful information on what you need to know about hurricanes from the Government’s ‘Ready’ pages, that will help you work out where you need to evacuate to, what supplies you need and so on. If you’re told to evacuate, make sure that you listen to instructions and don’t risk remaining in your home.


For disasters that can’t be predicted, it’s important that you remain calm and listen out for instructions. Thanks to the internet it’s easier than ever to find out what’s going on and where to get help and if you can access your phone or computer – find out what’s happening and what the recommended course of action is. It’s worth keeping a supply of non-perishable food in your home should you need it, and basic items like torches and candles will be useful for power outages. You should ensure that your home is insured not only against property damage but against structural damage too – checking your clauses for references to natural disasters

It’s important that you avoid unnecessary travel in the hours before a disaster, and if the roads are unsafe you should avoid travel by car altogether. Sales of pickups and other heavy-duty vehicles have been increasing, and while they can be designed for driving in extreme conditions they could be no match for hurricane weather and high-intensity storms. Heading out onto the road during a storm not only puts you at risk but others too. Needing to call a top-rated attorneys if you were injured in a truck accident should be the last thing to think about during a natural disaster, but could be the case if you or someone else were to ignore safety advice. Rather than risking injury or death, it’s much more advisable to stay at home or head to your nearest evacuation centre on foot.

Dealing with the aftermath

For Texas residents, the impact of Hurricane Harvey could be felt for months after the rainfall has stopped. Flooding can have a significant impact on homes and businesses as well as travel and other operations. Many lessons have been learnt since Hurricane Katrina, but residents will still need help to ensure that they can get back on their feet after being affected.

If your home is affected by flood damage, there are steps you can take to prevent further damage and carry out initial repairs. You may need to stay with friends or family while the situation improves and you may find that there are people in the local community who are willing to help you get back on your feet. If you can, you should also seek to help others either through donations or by offering your time as a way to help the whole community recover. Disasters are terrible, but they can also bring people together when needed.

Taking precautions and listening to advice is extremely important during times of disaster. The impact of Hurricane Harvey on a city as large as Houston is a key reminder that nowhere is safe, and you should do what you can at this time to protect yourself and others from harm.

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