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The Leader of Tomorrow with Paint the Globe Foundation

By: Alex Tyminski

Learning is how we grow, and we grow so that we can become the best versions of who we want to be. We want to learn how to be both resourceful and independent while also being wise and kind throughout the span of our lives. Education of the world and ourselves together brings us back to a higher goal or achievement – developing our characters.  These educational experiences begin to be the building blocks that help piece together our stories. 

No story or path is ever the same. We have heard the phrase that ‘something somewhere is the same everywhere”.  We all need basic education to fuel our minds to grow into ourselves and become who we are. It’s the resources – people, places, and things, that dwell within the world that are used as a tool to help expand the importance of education where it is needed most.  

Tanzania is an East African country known for its vast wilderness areas.  Tanzania’s economy also depends on agriculture, focusing on bringing in a high 85% of exports and although this is great for the country, the education system is still very much in need of reformation and refinement.

Paint the Globe Foundation is partnering with The United African Alliance Community Center (UAACC) based in Arusha, Tanzania to help stabilize and provide educational support.  

Paint the Globe Foundation (PTGF) and Gabriel, the President, Founder, & Chair of PTGF  will be working directly with the ‘Leaders of the Future’ along with the students from the community to conduct art workshops in  Tanzania.  Specifically, he will be teaching them how to use resources within the community to create mixed media art that they can sell in their local market to generate money.  He also will be providing guidance with regards to film and photography, website design, graphic design and more. Gabriel will be filming the entire experience, conducting interviews, and will create a series of mini documentaries to tell the story of UAACC, Tanzania, and how Paint the Globe Foundation was able to make a difference.


According to UNICEF, in Tanzania, the education system does not have enough resources to support children growing through or beyond their primary education. Many basic needs such as tutoring or exposure to English at a young age is very limited or does not exist. However, if kids do make it past primary into secondary education, grades 8-13, then English is used as the primary language of teaching. This causes a lot of confusion and frustration both amongst students and teachers creating a high dropout rate. 

Thus, education beyond primary school must happen in different, maybe less informal ways. A better formal education system or using different resources to teach about life skills in schools can give meaning and more purpose to Tanzanian tribal villages. 

The UAACC sits at the foot of Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro and was founded in 1991 by American-born Pete O’Neal.  UAACC’s mission is providing programs and projects for the enrichment of the Arusha community, improving the lives of children from extremely disadvantaged homes, and those who for various reasons have not been able to continue their formal public education. The current population of Arusha is estimated around 341,000 and most families are estimated to have at least five children. The average household income for residence living in Arusha is about $50US per month in rural area.

In 2008, The O’Neal’s opened the Leaders of Tomorrow Children’s Home where they’ve adopted 29 disadvantaged children as part of their family. Under the guidance of the O’Neal’s, the children are learning leadership roles and how to become educated global citizens.  UAACC extends cultural enrichment and study abroad programs for foreigners who are interested in African history.

About PTGF:

Paint the Global Foundation is proud to support United African Alliance Community Center (UAACC) for our 2019 art supply giveaway. Resources somewhere may not be the same resources everywhere. Please support our campaign by making monetary and/or art supply donations. You can make donate cash and/or art supplies at any time for our upcoming program in Tanzania and future projects.   Check out the website for details at   Follow on Instagram @painttheglobefoundation

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