DJ Trillion – Release First New Track “Ball 4va” ft. City 3000 x Kenny Smith x AMBRUCE

Dj Trillion is a prominent DJ that has been working for a while now.

They say the grind in the music business is long and goes unnoticed in the beginning. But now in the midst of this grind DJ Trillion is emerging and gaining getting some respek to his name.

You might see him on Wednesday at #WingsDay in Dallas, voted the #1 Midweek Happy Hour in Dallas or on Fridays at Sisu where all the celebrities stop and bottles at and that is just a couple of places he has residency at.

But one thing Trillion loves is bringing the talent to the forefront. Over the weekend Dj Trillion released his new track “Ball 4eva” ft City 3000 x Kenny Smith x Ambruce on the hottest Sunday talk show in Dallas  ” Lets Talk Facts”  .

You can catch the full song right here and only here theculturesupplier.com

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