Keep Your Ear to the Soundcloud, We Have Found … Dutchboy

Although Soundcloud is now becoming pretty monetized and commercial at this point, we can’t dismiss the amount of  talent floating around the site that goes under the mainstream radar. Even when mainstream refuses to recognize certain creatives, please believe the Soundcloud community is fully aware.  A great example is producer/rapper Dutchboy.

Try Googling his name. You’ll see a little dutch boy in the image section along with multiple links for a paint company. Add “rapper” or “producer” to your search and you see maybe two to three links that are actually related to Dutchboy. One of those links is his Soundcloud page, which has accumulated an impressive 16.1K followers.

The Piscataway, New Jersey native is the mastermind behind many tracks that have become Soundcloud favorites. He’s for the production of new-comer Ye Ali’s “Ring 4X”, which has been remixed and reposted a million times at this point. His production style is reflective of the music space we’re in right now, all while remaining fairly unique. His snare drum heavy, electronic beats make the perfect foundation for the melodic and double-time rapping artist that often jump on his tracks.

Yea, his production is pretty dope but he doesn’t stop there. You’ll often see “ft. Dutchboy” while scrolling down your feed along side other Soundcloud favorites like Oshi, Nova, BNJMN, and Tunji Ige. Like many young emerging rappers, he occupies the “singing rapper” lane with his chill melodies. The subject matter of his music varies but his tenacity and unyielding belief in self is relayed on most of his tracks. His newest track “The World Is Yours” and his “Dreams” collaboration with Nova both promote the chasing of one’s dreams and the dismissal of those in opposition of whatever that dream may be.

Checking out Dutchboy’s Soundcloud is recommend whether you’re looking to purchase a beat or luck on up some cool tracks to add to your “likes” library.



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