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A Night of Surprises: Wiz Khalifa, DRAM, Erykah Badu and More

Photos By: Meme Urbane


Bric’s Block Party | The Bomb Factory, Dallas, Texas

November 18th 2016


Bric’s Block Party was a huge success, and restored faith in the Dallas concert scene. Wiz Khalifa, D.R.A.M., Sosaman, Smoke DZA headed the bill, with surprise appearances from Erykah Badu, Lil Flip, Curren$y, and Chevy Woods.  


When one attends a hip-hop show, they generally know what to expect from the bill, seeing as they’ve already purchased tickets and have made their way to the venue. When they arrive, that anticipatory air to see the headliner is always there, sure, but often the events leading up to the main act are somewhat lackluster in nature and deficient in promise, let alone the ability to keep the crowd satiated. When it comes down to it, most hip-hop shows just don’t have proficient enough entrees to hold the viewers over to the main course. Given this common knowledge, somehow, Bric’s Block Party this past Friday night managed to obliterate all of those preconceived notions, deeming itself an outlier amongst all shows of its kind. Curated by the mind of Mason “Bric” LaDue by way of his promotion enterprise 24kBric, this display was unique in that it contributed way more to its attendees than they could have ever anticipated. With Wiz Khalifa headlining, the vast draw was inevitable, but for added effect was “Big Baby” D.R.A.M., well-respected lyricist Smoke DZA, and the added talents of local acts like AV the Great and the ever exuberant Sosaman backing the ballot, not to mention offerings from a couple of Dallas’s best spinners Dj Sober and bemyfriend.


What made this night so unique, was the sheer gravity of its spontaneous pop-ups. The night’s already promising lineup was sugarcoated with surprise performances from legendary Texas mogul Lil Flip, an airy impromptu portion from Dallas royalty Erykah Badu, a rightful Taylor Gang appearance from Chevy Woods, and last but not least, Curren$y, Wiz’s most amiable co-pilot, and arguably his best counterpart to many a track – I mean, these two even have a whole mixtape of tunes laced with paraphernalia references and charismatic lyrics together. In essence, a well thought out slew of prominent acts intertwined with the previously known members was a well calculated adage, giving them all just enough time to leave their mark without detracting from the main acts.


Sosaman amped up the crowd irrevocably with his introductory pieces, with the help of his animated showmanship and dance moves to get the crowd on edge. Lil Flip’s presence completely shocked the unsuspecting guests as he coolly perused on the stage, completely unannounced, to known classic, “Game Over,” and even supplied his iconic verse from David Banner’s late 2000’s banger,“Like A Pimp.” The Houston native closed out with a sped-up, EDM rendition of, “The Way We Ball” that sent everyone into a fist-bumping frenzy. In his very amiable way, D.R.A.M. enthused the crowd with “Cha Cha” and “Cash Machine” before revealing radio smash, “Broccoli,” to which the crowd delightedly showed their appreciation by singing in tandem. This was all before he subtly introduced the enigmatic songstress Erykah Badu, and the two performed their duet, “Wifi,” crooning away and serenading the multitude effortlessly.


Without a doubt Wiz Khalifa has been known to bring down the house no matter what bill he’s on, and he definitely had no reservations about going above and beyond once more to give the crowd their money’s worth, despite already having such a power-infused lineup backing him. Strolling out in his sunglasses, sparking up mid-transit to center stage, the star immediately payed tribute to his surroundings with, “We Dem Boyz”, a tune now knowingly adopted by Dallas Cowboys and its fandom, which was met with much adoring praise. The rapper pulled cuts from multiple albums to satiate his fans both old and new, such as Kush and Orange Juice’s “Mezmorized” and (shockingly) throw backs like “Who I Am” from the critically acclaimed, Flight School, and Deal or No Deal’s “Studio Lovin.” No one was prepared for what came next, once the dust settled and the fans were completely fixated on the 6”4 performer. Out of nowhere Curren$y inconspicuously bounded onstage, doobie in hand, beaming brightly as he and he and his comrade share a moment. “Car Service” begins blaring from the sound system, a true delight for the core Wiz fans, for whom the rappers’ How Fly joint (no pun intended) mixtape was likely a household name. “What’s it been, years?” Spitta inquires to Wiz, chuckling in reference to “Friendly,” another track from the How Fly collection the two performed together. Their camaraderie was an amazing thing to witness firsthand, and was undeniably a nostalgic moment of authenticity felt not only by the duo, but everyone else in attendance as well. Upon the show’s conclusion, the entire Taylor Gang band congregated on stage, undoubtedly a sentimental moment for them all. Bric and Wiz shared a genuine handshake, a nod in the direction of a job well done and an event well executed.

Retrospectively, I can honestly say this was the most fun I’ve had shooting an event in a very long time. I am ecstatic to see what else is on the horizon for 24Bric, as I’m ensured at this point that they will deliver beyond a shadow of a doubt.




Story and Photos By: Meme Urbane



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