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5 Fun Ways to Celebrate with Your Friends and Family After Covid-19

Written By: Hannah Boothe

When the green light has been given to get back to spending time with family and friends as you would like, how ready will you be to celebrate? If you are like most US and global citizens, you are more than ready. Check out these five ways to celebrate with your friends and family after COVID-19.

1. Dinner and a Movie

How awesome is it going to be when takeout or delivery are not your only options to enjoy your local restaurants? And think about how cool it is going to be not to have to rely on your TV so much?

You should think about planning a night out for dinner and a movie. No matter your budget, you can find a way to make this work. If strapped for cash, you should think about lunch and a matinee. Matinees are usually cheaper than evening film screenings. And if money is not a pressing concern, why not dine at the restaurant you’ve dreamed about visiting? You could work that in before or after your flick.

2. Festivals and Concerts

Are there some festivals you have always wanted to attend? Is there a festival you normally attend that would be a good outing for your family and your friends? What about concerts? Is there a band or artist that you all have wanted to see for some time? If you need some direction for this, you should easily be able to find festivals and concerts in your community or somewhere nearby.

And if you cannot decide between a festival or a concert, what if you grab the best of both worlds and organize a trip to a music festival? You can find them at various price points, and you also can find festivals with camping or other nearby lodging accommodations.

3. Amusement Parks and Water Parks

If you have not ever grabbed your family and friends for a trip to an amusement park or water park, then you should really look into your options. No matter their age or their interests, there is usually something for anyone in your party to enjoy.


Or maybe you have an amusement or water park that everyone already loves. How fun would it be to get back on your favorite roller coasters or to make a splash at the bottom of your favorite slides? Amusement parks and water parks are always a good option for quality, fun times. And after COVID-19 is under control, you all will need it more than ever.

4. Attend a Sporting Event

Do you have a major league sports team nearby? Did you know that some spring sports, like major league baseball, might only be delayed for a few weeks? And some summer sports might have no delays at all.

But even if you do not have an accessible pro team, you might have a minor league team nearby. Minor league tickets are usually cheaper, too. However, you all will still have a good time. And if sporting events are not an option for you, you could always organize your own kickball or softball game. You could host a BBQ in the park along with your event.

5. Hire a Comedian

You might have not ever thought about hiring a comedian. But if you are looking for something you can do at your residence to welcome everyone back into your home, it might indeed be a hit with your guests. Couldn’t you all benefit from some comic relief?

Ask around in your community and look online for either male or female comedians that could be of service. Just because you have not ever considered something, does not mean you have to rule it out.

You hope to have everything back to normal soon, of course. But you also want access to things beyond your daily routine. Usually, this is not an issue for you, but you have not ever been faced with a crisis like COVID-19. Take the time now to plan ways for you, your family, and your friends to celebrate life together. In the meantime, don’t panic. Be optimistic and know that you will again be able to be around one-another like you want. Everything will be back to normal for you soon.

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