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Home Remedies For Stress Relief That Will Change Your Life

Written by: Morgan

Every single person on Earth faces stress at least once a day. Some people even suffer from chronic stress and anxiety and all that can significantly affect their daily lives. The symptoms of a stressful day include agitation, nervousness, lack of sleep, or constant fatigue and people are fighting with those every day. There are many ways to try and reduce stress on a daily basis, including medication, but most people opt for more natural ways.



One of the best natural remedies for combating stress is exercising. It may sound odd, but by putting physical stress on your body you actually relieve your mental stress. Regular exercise is the best remedy for stress, and those who do any type of physical activity on a daily basis are less likely to experience any anxiety.


If you are still not convinced, then you should know why does exercising helps with relieving stress:


  • Exercising lowers the stress hormones your body produces (cortisol) in the long run. Plus, it helps release endorphins – chemicals that improve mood and are natural painkillers.
  • Exercising improves sleep quality, which can further lower stress and anxiety.
  • It boosts your confidence and you will mentally feel better about yourself.

Consider Supplements

Stress and anxiety can also be caused by the lack of vitamins and minerals in your body. If you do feel like your diet is not balanced, then you can consider supplement intake that can keep you healthy both physically and mentally.


  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Lemon balm
  • Green tea
  • Valerian
  • Kava kava


Try Crystals

Even though they are not part of traditional medicine, many people believe in the healing powers of crystals and stones. Research is still needed in order to 100% prove they work, but if not ingested they do no harm whatsoever. What is more, many crystals used in stress relief do not require any oral intake so there is no harm in trying them out.

One of the most popular crystals for stress relief certainly is amethyst. You can wear it as jewelry, display stones around your home, and even use palm stones for meditation. It is believed to exude calming energy and it can be soothing.

Another stone that is increasing in popularity for stress relief is shungite. Besides its many other benefits, you can use polished shungite stones for your meditation practice, massages, or simply spread them around the house in order for them to soak up the bad energy and provide emotional balance. 

Reduce Caffeine Intake

We all love coffee and it wakes us up in the morning, but it contains large amounts of caffeine which is a stimulant. Besides coffee, chocolate, tea, and energy drinks contain high doses of caffeine, and if you intake more than recommended you can only contribute to the development of stress and anxiety. Plus, caffeine is a diuretic and it “washes out” all the good microbes from our stomach, creating imbalance, which can lead to mental distress.


Everyone, however, has a different threshold of how much caffeine they can tolerate, and if you do notice that it makes you anxious and jittery, try lowering the intake. Stick to a few cups of coffee or replace it with green tea, and you are bound to feel less calm.



Spend Time with Your Loved Ones and Laugh

Nobody should go through stressful times alone, and that is why you should spend more time with your friends and family in order to obtain social support. Maintaining friendly relationships gives us a sense of belonging and worth, which can significantly lower our stress and anxiety.


What is more, laughter also produces “happy hormones” and when you are with your loved ones you are bound to laugh. You can even do fun things with your friends, have game nights, go on road trips and simply spend time together doing what you love. This way, you will help your brain relieve stress, produce “happy hormones” and you will feel happy and relaxed.

Manage Time Better

Sometimes, what’s put the most stress on us is having too many commitments at once. These include work, health-related activities, family, friends and every other event that we want to do, but simply don’t have enough time in one day to do it all. That is why you should think of some effective time management strategies, stick to the plan and you will manage to reduce stress.


What is more, if you have a plan and stick to it, you will manage to focus on one task at a time and always be committed to the thing you are doing. So, make sure to use your calendars, notebooks, apps and tools that you prefer that will keep you organized, focused and less stressed.

Nobody likes stress, yet we all experience it. Luckily, there are many ways to reduce it and feel much better about yourself. It is extremely important to try and reduce stress in your life, because too much of it can lead to major physical and mental health issues. So take a deep breath in, get organized, breathe out and carry on with your stress-free day.

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