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How Can You Prevent Muscle Soreness After A Workout?

It’s normal to feel a bit of muscle soreness after an intense workout, but if the pain is particularly bad, it can disrupt your routine. If you find that your muscles are aching for days after every workout, that’s a bad sign, but there are ways to relieve it. These are some of the best ways to prevent muscle soreness after a workout. 

Stay Hydrated 

Everybody knows that drinking water is important when exercising, but it’s not just about staying hydrated. When you drink water, it helps to deliver more fluids and nutrients to the muscles and flush out toxins, which reduces inflammation and prevents muscle soreness. It’s important that you drink water before, during and after your exercise. If you find that your muscles get very sore, you should increase your water intake and see if that makes a difference. 

Wear Good Quality Workout Clothes 

Your workout clothes can make a huge difference to sore muscles because compression clothes help to improve oxygen flow. Investing in the right activewear will help to boost your performance and you will also notice a reduction in muscle soreness the next day. Having some good quality workout gear will also give you a motivation boost and help you to keep up with your routine, so it’s worth buying. 

Try Protein Supplements 

Your diet is very important because your muscles need protein and nutrients to repair themselves after a workout. Many people find that they get sore muscles because they’re not eating right, and protein supplements are a great way to remedy this. Some people are reluctant to use protein supplements because there are a lot of myths about them, like they cause weight gain and damage the kidneys. But these myths are not true and if you start taking protein supplements either before or after your workouts, you may notice a big difference to your sore muscles. 

Improve Your Sleep Patterns 

Most of your recovery happens while you are asleep, which means that if you don’t sleep well, your muscles will not repair themselves effectively and they will be sore. If you can find ways to improve your sleep pattern, especially on days when you have been exercising, your muscles won’t be as sore and your performance during workouts will improve in a big way. 

Take More Rest Days 

Often, people have sore muscles because they are pushing themselves too hard. If you have workout goals that you want to achieve, it’s tempting to do an intense workout every single day. But your body needs time to heal and recover between workouts and if you don’t give your muscles that time to repair themselves, they will always be sore. You need to listen to your body and if you are in a lot of pain, take some more rest days. You can also do light exercise, like walking or yoga on those rest days instead of an intense workout.


If you suffer from excessive muscle pain after a workout, try some of these simple changes and you will notice a big difference.

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