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Signs Your Male Significant Other Has Health Problems

Long term relationships can easily get ‘comfortable.’ You might not speak to each other as much as you once did. You may not even notice when your partner has had a hair cut! It’s a common side effect of a loving relationship like marriage. Noticing the gradual changes in a person is really hard to do because you see them every day. But this could mean you are both missing important warning signs of a health problem.

Some health complaints are more common as we age. But while we are still young, it’s worth checking yourself and your partner over from time to time. Lumps, sores, and swelling shouldn’t be ignored. Chances are you’ll be better able to see changes to your husband’s body better than him. Next time you have some time together, why not do a quick check that both your bodies are in good shape? Some lumps and changes to the skin could be indicative of cancer, so it’s worth a few minutes once in awhile.

Colds and coughs that just won’t quit are another sign of potential problems. Lung and throat problems can be signs of serious illnesses. Or they may just be a symptom of extra pollutants in the air. Either way, it’s worth investigating to rule out any problems. After all, it’s easy to lose track of how long it’s been going on when we’re busy. If over-the-counter remedies aren’t helping, then some friendly persuasion to visit the doctor might be in order.

Many couples enjoy a drink on the weekend. It can help loosen you up and wind down after a stressful week. But if you find that you’re only drinking because your partner is, perhaps it’s time to consider a change of habit. Of course, if it has become a habit, there is a risk of dependency. If you’re worried about how much alcohol your husband is consuming, talk to him.

It may be that your husband enjoys other harmful substances from time to time. Recreational drug use or the use of prescription medications when they aren’t required can be very dangerous. Perhaps the most concerning part of this is the risk of dependency. It’s important to find professional support like the Prescott House Drug Addiction Treatment program to help your husband manage the withdrawal of use carefully.

Weight gain can happen slowly and gradually. You may not notice any change in your body shape or your husband’s physique. But if there are regular complaints that the laundry service is shrinking his clothes, you might become suspicious! A diet and exercise plan that suits his lifestyle may be all that is needed to help him get back to good health again.

It’s not always easy to spot the early warning signs of problems with our health. But if you do have concerns is best to talk about it together. Always consult a doctor if you are worried about your health.

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