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Top Mistakes to Avoid When Working Out


When people are planning to get into shape, two key components are diet and exercise. Mistakes can be made in both categories if the person is not aware of them. Here are a few top mistakes to avoid when working out.


Feeling like going to the gym is your only option

When the subject of working out is breached, most people will instinctively think about visiting or joining a gym. However, a large portion of people can feel uncomfortable these spaces, especially if they are new to working out. The good news is that there are many different forms of working out. There are places such as HOTWORX that offer classes in hot Yoga and Pilates which might be preferable to some, rather than visiting a commercial gym.


Thinking that running is the only form of cardio

Another common misconception is thinking that running is the only, or best form of cardio that there is to do. There are two other great options available, both of which are much less strenuous on your body.  One form of exercise is walking on an incline, the other form is doing laps in a swimming pool. So, next time you feel like getting your heart rate up, but can’t bring yourself to go running, why not try one of these alternatives?


Going too heavy with weights

If you are someone who likes to lift weights or a beginner, then you should be aware of common mistakes with heavy weight lifting.  One is going too heavy too quickly, and not learning how to correctly lift said weights. These two problems combined can lead to some serious, and long-term injuries. Be sure that if you planned on lifting weights you are properly trained.  This way, you know your limits so that you do not hurt yourself or others who are around you.


Not allowing your body to recover

Just like with anything in life, your body will need time to recover. If you have pushed it to its limits when working out.

Just push yourself a little bit further, lift a little bit heavier, or exercise for just one more day. Your progress can actually go backward if you do this too often or for too long, since your body will not be able to recover properly. Not only will you start to see a dip in your performance, but you also open yourself up to sustaining an injury too.

If you are planning to start working out then make sure you keep in mind these top mistakes to avoid when working out, so that you don’t make them yourself, and so that you can keep yourself safe and healthy.

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