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What Makes Your Marriage Work?

Making a marriage work takes two parties both invested in the future of the union. After all, that adage, “a marriage is more than simply the wedding day,” hits the nail on the head. So what exactly makes a marriage work? Depending on who you ask and whether or not they too are married.

Communication is key to making a marriage work. If you cannot effectively communicate your feelings and your needs in a marriage, chances are this will lead to crossed wires and frayed tempers as you navigate this new life together. Compassion is key to help you to understand how your spouse is feeling and how you can make sure you are both treating each other with the love and respect you both deserve. Patience will help you work through any issues you have and give your marriage time to become the union you want and expect.

Changes can’t happen overnight, nor should you expect them to. Marriage is a process that needs constant attention and, as such, will require both parties to work together to ensure that this happens. But what if your marriage isn’t working? How long should you wait to throw in the towel? When it comes to ending your marriage, there are no hard and set rules. But making sure you are confident that this is the right decision for you and that you have tried to make this work is vital. After all, a divorce is a lengthy legal process and isn’t without complications.

This handy infographic in divorce by Spokane Law Group Los Angeles has some interesting information surrounding divorce, what reasons make people decide to divorce, and the process of choosing this path.

Infographic Courtesy of Spodek Law Group Los Angeles

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