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10 Tips on How to Dress Up on Your First Date Night

First dates are always slightly daunting. You want to be yourself but you’re eager to make a good impression as well – finding a balance between trying too hard and not making an effort can be tricky. One thing we girls seem to stress a lot about is the clothing. It can be nerve wrecking to find the right outfit for your first date night. But fear no more; here are some of the best styling tips in terms of dressing up for the first date night.

1. Plan your outfit ahead of time

As soon as you know you have a date, start coming up with ideas. You don’t want to be picking the outfit an hour before the big event. Give yourself a bit of time to come up with a few outfit ideas – even if you do decide what you’ll wear on the date night.

2. Consider what you’re doing

When you’re picking the outfit, don’t just think what looks and feels good. You need to consider what you’re actually doing on the date night. Your new floral dress might be perfect for drink and dinner, but not the appropriate pick for ice-skating in a cold place. It’s important to think whether you’ll spend more time indoors or outdoors, and how active you’re going to be.

3. Pick something to reflect your personality

Always go with clothing that reflects who you are! You don’t want to dress up in a full business outfit if you are a more bohemian kind of girl. Remember you’re not trying to impress a guy – if they like you, then they will need to like the real you, not a version you’re trying to trick. When trying on different outfits, think how much they represent the real you.

4. Always opt for comfort over fashion

So, opting for comfort doesn’t mean you need to show up in your pajamas. It just means that if it hurts to sit on those skinny jeans and you’re going for a movie – well, it’s better to wear something different. You should always opt for comfort over looks. If you only have clothing that looks out-dated and bad while still being comfortable, just go shopping for something new.

5. Keep it simple

You also want to keep it rather simple. This means creating a personalized look but without it looking a bit too drastic – you don’t want to scare anyone off on the first night! Keeping it simple means trusting in classic choices, when it comes to clothing. You could pair jeans with different style t-shirts, picking a little black dress and accessorizing it with something personalized, or just picking classic trousers, blouse and blazer combination.

6. Shop for something new to brighten your mood

You can brighten up your date night look by buying something new. Wearing something new will give you a bit more confidence and the feeling of excitement. It doesn’t have to be the whole outfit – some new underwear, a pair of new shoes or just a quirky scarf can do the trick. Browse the Ann Summers vouchers for something sensual and fun!

7. Focus on finding the right pair of shoes

Because it is a lot about comfort, your shoes are super important. The key is to wear shoes that make walking easy – you might end up moving from one place to another and you don’t want to be hopping around. Always pick shoes that you know and love.

8.Have something to layer with

You don’t want to be cold on your big date night. But you might end up talking together for longer than you planned – layers to the rescue. A woolly jacket inside your handbag or a scarf that acts as a shawl are the right solutions for your problems.

9. Don’t forget about the hair and makeup

Of course, you also want to take care of your hair and makeup. There are tonnes of tips for a good date look online. But the key is to make sure the makeup and the hair match your clothing. So, if you’re going with a casual look for a casual date, don’t apply a tonne of makeup and an elaborate hairstyle. On the other hand, if you are heading somewhere super fancy and you’re wearing a great gown, don’t show up with a dirty, unwashed hair.

10. Don’t stress too much

Finally, the best date advice in terms of clothing, things to do and say is that you shouldn’t stress too much. Dates come and go – you’re beautiful regardless! If the guy is not the right person for you, it isn’t because you showed up dressed the wrong way. Ultimately, you just need to keep a clear head – how would you dress if going to a place X, regardless if you’re on a date? The answer will guide you through.

With these ten tips, you can dress up on your first date night without a problem. Now, you just have to enjoy the night!

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