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10-Year-Old Entrepreneur Invented A Secure Barrette

By : Ebony F.

As a whole full grown woman, I have still yet to resolve the mystery of the missing barrette. The precision with which these plastic hair ornaments were color coordinated to match my outfit and securely rubber banned to the end of my plaits let me know I was loved.

After enduring a long hard day of playtime, naps, and being forced against my will to color inside the lines, the daily disappearance of no less than one of these butterfly, flower, and bunny shaped accessories was devastating for me, expensive for my mother, and an overall drain on the system.

Well, thanks to one enterprising elementary school student, today’s kids may never have to endure this kind of loss. 10-year-old Gabrielle Goodwin has provided the market with double-face, double-snap barrette that won’t disappear!

With the launch of Gabby Bows, Goodwin’s invention has been wildly successfully selling in 50 stores and 16 states across the nation. In addition to creating the solution to our childhood woes, the child CEO, maintains a straight-A average while balancing the business of traveling to trade shows, balancing inventory, and mentoring others.

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