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Things on Birthday Card to Make it Look More Attractive

Written by: Naman Modi

It is thoughtful and breathtaking to send birthday cards to friends and loved ones. But as usual, you should add some birthday roses to make the card more attractive. As you know, there are many ways you can make a birthday card attractive.

Do not give out some plain birthday cards. Select a few stems of fresh roses and super glue them on the menu. Attach a lovely message. Flowers spread love and joy. The birthday girl or birthday boy will be over to the moon for the beautiful card. The birthday roses are affordable, as you only need 2 or 3 stems. It is unlike a bouquet where you will need a dozen or more, making the flowers expensive.



Everybody loves chocolates for every occasion. Giving them on a birthday is like wishing them a beautiful life full of goodies and fragrance. Attach a box of chocolate on a birthday card to make it unique. Ensure the message on the chocolate aligns with the occasion.


Tied Ribbon

Ribbons create stunning art pieces. You can create many designs and flowers using a ribbon; It will transform a straight card into a beautiful art piece. Design the ribbon onto anything you want. You can get even male birthday roses out of colored stripes. Attach to the card with super glue. Also, you can sew the ribbon on the menu. Be gentle, not to rip the card apart.



There are several kinds of sprinkles. Glitters are the common types that are used on cards. To make the spray look beautiful on the menu, you need to draw some patterns. Add some glue on the part you intend to attach the sprinkles. Sprinkle the glitters on the card and leave to dry. Wipe out the excess glitters. Pack the card with some birthday roses or chocolates.


Pom Poms

Pictures and drawings look good on a birthday card. But nothing can beat a 3D piece of art. Since ice creams are common in birthday parties, why not create a card with an ice cream come on it? Art the top of the cone, attach some colorful pom poms. Pink and light blue is a good match. But you can use other colors that match the theme of the party. 



Handmade cards are best with some embroidery. The piece of art requires creativity. You can ask the kids to give you a hand in creating the embroidery on the cards. If you need to sew anything, be gentle to avoid destroying the paper.


DIY Unicorn

DIY unicorn cards are beautiful; they are also easy to make. You only need to cut out the unicorn horn from a glitter paper. Choose any color of glitter paper you find attractive. Attach the horn on your card. Then, use some pieces of clothes to create felt flowers. You can also get the felt flowers at the local gift shop. Attach the flowers at the base of the unicorn horn. Write a heartwarming message to express your birthday wishes.


Pop up Balloons

Pop up balloons are the most superficial attachment you can add to a birthday card. Attach them at the center of the card. Let the balloons peep at the edge to create a visual design. When the menu is open, the balloons pop up to create a 3D graphic design. The good thing is that you can get such a card at a local gift shop.


Metal Accents

When you want to create a special card, Metal accents will save the day. They are easy to attach since they have brads. Metal accents are perfect on pocket design cards. 


Birthday Candles

You are used to birthday candles on the cakes. But these beautiful candles can make decorative pieces on the card. You will not find such a card in the stores, so you need to make them. You can purchase a theme card and attach the candles with a glue. Tie the candles with colorful ribbons to add an aesthetic effect. 



There are several art pieces you can add to a birthday to make it attractive. If you have to create the card from scratch, plan a day before the big day to ensure it is perfect. Do not forget to offer birthday roses alongside the menu and other gifts.

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