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15 things I learned from my breakup…. with Social Media

Like most Twenty-Something-Year-Olds, I’m still trying to figure out this thing called: LIFE.

As I approach a milestone birthday, I knew it was time to gain focus and prioritize my life for the next chapter. I didn’t really know where to start, but I had some ideas. I’ll be the first to admit, that by being a media and entertainment professional – social media is a necessary evil. It was also one of my biggest weaknesses [see also: Addict]. I found myself checking my Instagram and twitter accounts anytime I had: 30 seconds of free time [see also: ALL DAY]. Let’s admit it – social media can make us all very unproductive; if we let it. So I decided that it was time for me and GOD to have a 21-day conference and social media was not on the guest list.

I turned off all notifications, removed all apps, and let GOD do the rest.

On Day One, I woke up and immediately reached for my phone…. I can still see the disappointment on my face.

Here are the TOP 15 things I learned during my social media hiatus:

  1. I’m addicted to social media – I take my phone to the bathroom people #NoJudging
  2. No one cares – Most people won’t care or even notice.
  3. Mornings are easier – Waking up in the morning is completely different. What was once, *wakes up & grabs phone to scroll Instagram* is no longer a routine.
  4. Productivity increased – Without social media filling my free time, I was able to focus on growing my business.
  5. I was happy – My mind wasn’t filled with depressing news stories from my twitter feed or the distracted by someone’s online relationship drama.
  6. I care about what people think – I’ll admit it; you should too. Between taking 75 pictures of the same selfie pose or editing a Facebook post 7 times, I use to care rather I would get likes, loves, or repost. Now I’ve realized, none of that really matters.
  7. Calling people on the phone is still a “thing” – You should try it! A few people reached out to me; rather it was because they hadn’t seen me post or genuinely thought of me – it was appreciated.
  8. *Preaches to Choir* I should actually call people more often – texting can’t be the only way you communicate with the people you really care about. Plus, we know how confusing text conversations can get sometimes.
  9. We all have the same 24 hours – Saying “I don’t have time” is a matter of prioritizing. With more free time the past 21 days, I was able to do more on any given day.
  10. I was becoming anti-social – I used to decline happy hour meet-ups or brunch on Saturday, for dates with Instagram. During my hiatus,  I’ve attended more meetings, networking events, and social gatherings to stay busy – it’s been fun.
  11. I’m more optimistic and have positive vibes – I spent a lot of time listening to motivational speeches, TD Jakes sermons, and personal development audio books. I fed my mind with things that I wanted to reflect in my daily walk.
  12. I was starting to compare my life to others – Social media is a highlight reel of a person’s life. MOST (used loosely) will only show you the best parts of their life. Without social media, I was able to focus on me.
  13. I was very judgmental – Don’t act like you haven’t scrolled down your timeline and yelled out advice for the girl that made a long post about her baby daddy or the guy saying women don’t like good guys anymore. Now, I have a clearer vision of my goals and could care less about her child support issues or his next ex-girlfriend.
  14. I wasn’t working hard enough – By taking the time to focus on me, my creative juices were flowing & I found more ways to monetize my talents. We all like extra money, right?!
  15. I became selectively ignorant – for nearly a month I missed the foolery of #BlackTwitter and all the #Authur memes. Now I feel that if it doesn’t affect, influence, or empower me, I don’t need to know about it. Anything else is a distraction.

BONUS: I didn’t have to find a plug in every restaurant to charge my dead phone. Social media apps DRAIN your battery. My phone was happy.

The first day week was tough, but now that the break is over, I don’t even desire to be on social media that much anymore. My hiatus/break/fast was a true SUCCESS. I guess that 21-dayrule really works…. Now if I can just apply that to going to the gym, I’d be GREAT!

As always, #SUKG Shut Up Keep Grinding®

– Jada D.

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