How to Think Like an Influencer When Taking Instagram Pics

Written by: Jenny Hahn Masterson

Instagram is booming with images of influencers, with perfect pictures, perfect backgrounds, looking like they have it all. But your pictures seem so ordinary, and you can’t quite put your finger on the reason why. In reality, those influencers invest a lot of time and effort in taking their pictures, since it is what is making their living, and the ‘behind the scenes’ is not so overly-complicated as it may seem. If you want to better the quality of your Instapics, keep on reading – here are our top tips!

Have a personal photo, instead of a logo

Maybe you have a brand that you want to promote, or sell, on Instagram. However, your followers are people, not logos. And they will much rather klick on a profile with a personalized picture, that they feel connected to. Remember, people want to see you! The logo can always be in the background, or in a corner of your pictures – ever present, but not too obvious. 

Choose an Aesthetic

You’d want your Instagram profile to be cohesive. Whatever your aesthetic may be, you need to stick to it, and make every photo you post fit in this aesthetic. You need a profile that, when your followers klick on your page, will make them go ‘Wow, so cool! I wish my profile was as good as theirs!’ That’s the goal. So, whether you choose a black&white theme, with you wearing shades often, smiling rarely, OR a colourful theme, bursting with vibrant, lively backgrounds – depends on what you need to present. So, jot down whom you want to attract, what you want to present, and who is influencing you. Make a perfect mixture of those pieces of information, and you will get a clearer image of what your Insta profile should look like.

Keep your photos as close to the original

When you edit a picture too much, it shows. And if you make a decent picture, editing too much is not that necessary, really. So, instead of downloading editing apps, learn how to make it work with just your camera. As a new master’s degree in photography teaches its students, you should keep your focus on storytelling, and interpret and narrate the world around you with photos. Play with the background, with the lighting, or even with blurriness. Learn how to make your photos present you on the best day, in the best lighting. Of course, you can edit your photos, but limit yourself to just editing brightness, contrast and blurriness – and not put several filters on your pictures. 

Take full body shots

Selfies are not necessarily bad. However, ONLY selfies are. You need to mix it up on your profile, to make it interesting. There are a couple of ways you can achieve this: have someone else take your picture, get a tripod, or make a video. 

If you don’t have a so-called Instagram husband (a boyfriend who will go with you and take endless photos of you posing), you can always ask a friend to give you a hand. At the very least, if no one can quite achieve the aesthetic you were going for, you can always hire a photographer.

Now, while your account is still small, you might not want to invest in a photographer, then a tripod will make it work. Another option is taking a video of yourself posing, and then screenshotting the poses that you like best. 

Take your time

It takes time to capture the perfect setting, lighting, contrast, and movement. So, take it easy, and take your time. First, find a good setting, and wait for the best lighting. Sometimes, it can be right away, but sometimes you need a little patience. In a world where instant gratification rules, patience is a valuable trait. 

Another secret to having a perfect picture is multitude. It is fine to take upwards of 20 photos, especially if you are playing with shades, since none of the photos will look the same. There will be slight differences, but sometimes even the littlest of details can make or break a good Instagram post. 

Do not turn down sponsorships

If you want to be a big Instagram influencer, it is important to have connections. However small or unrelated to your theme you think the account offering you sponsorship is, do not turn it down. You will be helping both your accounts if you collaborate, especially for the future posts. Starting out small is what makes you big in the end. So, if a sponsored post is far away from your theme, make your photo around it. Stay true to yourself, and what you present, but incorporate the sponsored item in a way that is beneficial to both accounts, and presents it well to your followers. 

In the end, becoming an Instagram influencer is certainly not easy, but if you do the right preparations and build rock-solid connections, this can considerably facilitate your efforts. Having a good photo is what matters the most, really, so we hope that our tips taught you ways to make your posts stand out. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jennifer Hahn Masterson is the Lead Content Strategist at Spread the Word Solutions, specialized in fashion, design and lifestyle. You can check her out on Twitter.


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