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3 Reasons You Should Definitely Go on That Couple’s Vacation

So you’ve got a new romantic interest, someone to talk to, Netflix and chill with, and boast about to your friends and family. So far everything’s been going great, and it looks like blue skies and smooth sailing all the way.

But then, when you least expect it, and when you’re least prepared for it, they pop the question.

“Do you want to go travelling together?”

Suddenly the world seems to collapse in on you. What do you do, what do you say? You’ve never been travelling with a significant other before; you don’t know how you’d get on, you have no idea what they’ll be like under stress, and what if they aren’t into seeing and doing the same stuff you are?

Relax, take a deep breath, pack your rucksack and pick up some comfortable insoles from, because we’re about to give you some reasons why you should definitely go on that couples vacation.

It can teach you some important things about each other

Throughout a whole relationship, but especially in the early days, learning about each other is extremely important. You may think you know what makes your partner tick, but there’s always more to find out, and those discoveries can bring you closer together and give you some much-needed perspective on your relationship.

Those discoveries can also give you warning signs that you might want to abandon mission.

One of the best ways of finding out about someone is to go travelling with them. If you’re moving from place to place together, exposing yourselves to different sights and sounds, and waking up and going to bed alongside each other every day, you’re going to learn a lot in a really short space of time.

It’s on trips like these that childhood anecdotes, embarrassing habits, and deep thoughts come to the surface.

It allows you to form some great, long-lasting memories together

A large part of what binds a couple together is the memories they create alongside each other. When you look at elderly couples who have been together for decades, their lives are so tightly bound together that they’re in most of each other’s stories.

When you see one of the most amazing places you’ve ever seen, or you do one of the craziest things you’ve ever done, having your partner there by your side to share in the experience can make it all the more powerful and meaningful.

It can be a great opportunity for romance

There’s a reason why couples vacations are linked with romance in so many movies and TV shows. When you’re both away together, somewhere new, seeing exciting things and feeling on top of the world, it’s natural for passions to burn hot.

A walk on a tropical beach, followed by a dinner for two on the balcony of a scenic old-town district is the stuff that love stories are made of.


And there are plenty of good reasons to turn your vacation for two into a personal love story.

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