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Leave the Winter and Head to Gozo for Vacation Next Year

 By: Elena Tahora 

Like many areas of the world where the summer days can be long and hot, Gozo enjoys the greenest landscapes in the winter months. Still warm enough to enjoy outdoor activities, but not hot enough to become overly parched or cold enough to send you back indoors too quickly, you just may find that winter in Gozo is the best time for a holiday. When most of Europe is blanketed in snow, you can enjoy the great outdoors in this tiny island because all year round Gozo has a very  mild climate. Enjoy outdoor activities all year round in Gozo.

Amazing Watersports in Gozo

Some days may be a bit cool for swimming, but that doesn’t negate the huge number of other watersports you can enjoy. Have you ever taken up diving? If so, there are amazing shipwrecks just off the shore to explore or photograph and the underwater caves and canyons are a sight to behold. You can actually dive down on one side, go through a tunnel and come out the other side of the cavern. This is a cool experience every diver new to Gozo must try at least once.

Check out the seahorses that live on the algae on the reef barriers, or where it has encroached old wrecks over time. There is something quite mystical about a seahorse and this is why so many divers love the Mediterranean waters surrounding Gozo. If diving isn’t your thing, try kayaking or rent a boat to travel around the coast. However, the waters can get rough so if you aren’t a seasoned sailor, hire a captain to get you around.

Historic and Cultural Places You Must See in Gozo

Believe it or not, one of the most popular attractions in Gozo is the capital city, Victoria. Sitting high atop a hill, the Citadel city overlooks the whole island.  The bastioned fortress that has been recently restored is a unique attraction at any time of the day.    Make sure you visit The Citadel Visitor Centre for an amazing audio-visual presentation about the history of the Citadel itself but do not forget that within the Citadel you can visit a varied but highly interesting series of museums such as the Museum of Archaeology, the Old Prison and the old grain silos, not to mention the Gozo Cathedral and the Cathedral Museum.  The ditch that was previously inaccessible is also a fantastic place to stop for a break while you’re touring the capital city of Victoria.   Other historic places that you must visit include Ġgantija Temples and Ta’ Kola windmill in Xagħra and if you enjoy military architecture there’s a whole set of coastal towers to inspire you.

Outdoor Restaurants and Cafés

There are almost too many outdoor cafés and restaurants to list, but you will find that each and every one has culinary delights just as delicious as the other. From Mediterranean to Asian cuisine, and everything in between, you will not want for an outdoor plaza from which to enjoy some authentic dishes while gazing out at the spectacular scenery.

Open-air cafés and restaurants are situated throughout Victoria, but you will also find the street foods are a real delight as well. On the run to your next outdoor activity? Stop by a street vendor for the most amazing Maltese snacks you can imagine!

Here Is Your Key Takeaway on Winter in Gozo

Winter is the best time for spending time outdoors in Gozo because the days are not too hot or too cold for comfort. Summertime in the Mediterranean can get quite hot for Britons who are used to milder temperatures, especially in summer months. And on top of that you can rent stunning villas in Gozo for a much lower price than what you would have to pay in summertime. Enjoy your winter holiday in Gozo while the rest of Europe and the northern hemisphere is blanketed in snow, sending them indoors to avoid freezing temperatures. What a delightful thought!

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