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4 Tips for 2016 Dating Etiquette

Modern dating is markedly different these days from how it was. It’s fair to say that online dating has changed things, and people’s priorities have shifted in the modern dating world. Use this guide to give you some idea of how you should go about tackling modern dating, and getting the best experience possible.

1.Dabble Online

These days dating is all about options. See, it’s so much easier to meet people nowadays, and people go on a lot more dates. If you want to get into the dating game, then the easiest way is to go online. There are literally thousands of online dating apps and websites that you can use. And many of them are free and offer different benefits. So many people use online dating that you will have a large pool of people to choose from.

2.Be Respectful

The best course of action to take on any date is to be respectful. Some of the art of dating has been lost in this digital age. And people forget to get the basics of good, old-fashioned romance. As a generation that spends an average of over an hour a day swiping on Tinder, it’s easy to view people simply as virtual statistics. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t respect them. You still need to treat people with respect because this is the essence of dating. You have to build a connection with the people you go on dates with, and the best way to do this is to be polite, respectful and amenable.



3.Don’t Put Yourself in the Wrong Situations

Unfortunately, there are bad situations that can arise in the dating world. You could end up being accused of sexual harassment or impropriety. This could lead a lengthy court process, and this can drag your name and reputation through the mud. If you are in a position where you require legal help, you should check out But the idea is to avoid any possibility of this sort of thing by making sure you don’t put yourself in this situation to begin with. Make sure you are always polite, courteous and respectful. Never force yourself onto someone without their permission or consent. And don’t take advantage of a person if they are intoxicated.

4.Give it More Than One Go

The problem these days is that people want instant gratification. Nobody wants to put in the work and wait for good things to happen. They want to try to force everything, and that’s why so few of us give dating a proper chance. So, you need to make sure give it more than one go in the dating world. It’s so easy to meet people these days because of online dating now. And you may find that you don’t meet the right person the first time of asking. The average number of people in the USA who have tried online dating clocks in at almost 50 million. So you can see how popular it has become, and how many people you have a chance of meeting.


Dating these days can be a veritable minefield. And you need some advice to help you navigate this minefield. Follow this guide and use it to try to familiarize yourself with dating etiquette and have a more enjoyable time of things.

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