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9 Things You Need to Know Before Your Brazilian Wax

By : Alexandria Traylor |

As we all know the cuffing pre-season has officially began, marked by the beginning of football season

. If you’re like many, you’re planning some coveted cuddle time with bae. This means that things could get hot, heavy, and inevitably physical. If you are super self-conscious about introducing yourself intimately to your partner, you may have considered getting a Brazilian wax in order to properly groom your area down under. Whether you are a waxing virgin or have gotten a Brazilian once or twice, you’re going to want to read these nine tips first!

  1. Stop Shaving Before Your Appointment

The Brazilian Wax center recommends that you stop shaving at least 5 days to 3 weeks prior to your appointment. The halt of the razor time depends on how fast your hair naturally grows. The goal is for your hair to be about a quarter of an inch, which is about the size of a grain of rice to put the length into perspective.

  1. You are least sensitive right after your period

Your pain receptors are most responsive in the time right before Aunt Flo and least sensitive in the days directly after she leaves. Make it a point to be conscious of your 28 day cycle and schedule yourself accordingly to save you the headache. If you do happen to be on your cycle during your wax appointment, do your waxer a courtesy and wear a tampon and bring feminine wipes. Your waxing guru won’t mind, but do her a favor.

  1. No sweating for at least 24 hours

Make it a point to work out before your appointment in efforts to keep the sweating to a minimum post appointment. The friction could cause unwanted irritation in an area where the skin is super sensitive and is already irritated and slightly swollen from the waxing treatment. Sweating could also encourage stubborn ingrown hairs.

  1. Get over your anxiety

A person will be extremely close to your intimate areas. Get over it! This is what you have signed up for. To reduce your anxiety, meet with your waxing professional before the appointment to get to know who you will be working with. Your session should take no longer than 15 minutes. To cure the awkward silence, spark a conversation or request to listen to your favorite Pandora or Spotify station.

  1. Shower immediately before your appointment

While you may have errands to run or meetings to attend, make your waxing session your first stop of the day. Go workout then hop in the shower.

  1. Cotton is your best friend

Wear cotton underwear to facilitate soothing of the irritated area after waxing. The worst feeling is to have tight undies or lace underwear irritate your skin even further.

  1. Purchase ingrown hair serum

Putting a protective barrier cream on your skin right after waxing will protect you from further and future irritation. Your skin will feel smoother. This will also reduce your chance for bumps and ingrown hairs which can be a pain.

  1. Wear a dress or skirt

Let’s be honest, easy access is the best access. When anxiety is already a factor, it can be even more comforting to know that you still have an extra layer of clothing on your bottom half. You can also cover back up relatively quickly once your waxing professional is finished.

  1. It will be painful

Pain is inevitable, especially during your first waxing session. The pain comes from the bulb at the root of the hair follicle being pulled out. The bulb is actually larger than the pore that you are pulling the hair out of. The pain will lesson with regular appointments because the hair follicle will actually be smaller, meaning that you will also have a smaller hair bulb. A smaller bulb equals less pain!

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