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[Girlfriends of Culture] 6 Solutions to Waiting on the Perfect Guy … And More!!



Written By Racquel McBay :

In the past 48 hours I’ve received about three calls/texts from close friends of mine venting about a topic all too near and dear to my heart..

 It broke my heart to be on the other end of the conversation because after several rejections in my 23 year old life, I know the feeling all too well.

Feeling like a ton of bricks has just hit you. Ripping up the memories and tossing aside the gifts. Crying so much that you have no tears left and only an empty, vulnerable hole where they once were. Wondering what’s wrong with you and why not you. FULL STORY >>>>


1) Let them go – meaning stop giving all of you at the expense of you (your time,  sanity, money, heart, etc.)

2) Study your craft and invest in your time and talents (it’ll keep you pretty occupied)

3) Read a book to gain perspective (Pink Lips & Empty Hearts by Heather Lindsey helped me through some rough moments)

4) Spend time with those that pour into you, encourage you, and believe in you

5) Journal (writing down my feelings brought healing to my heart)

6) If you believe in God’s healing power, believe in it for healing your heart and take it to him. He will make you WHOLE and help you love again

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