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The word dating comes in many forms now. But the method in showing someone you are interested in them has changed as well. Could it be possible that people are intimidated  by someone’s follower count? Or the number of “likes” a picture receives ? Sounds kinda insane right?

We found a write up interview on A to Z Dating in Dallas where they spoke with a two single women and two single man. A little bias perhaps but all in all some great questions were asked and some great answers were given.

Single Guy ( SG ) – Single Guy 2 (SG2)

Single Lady (SL )-Single Lady 2 (SL2)

1. How do you think follower/friend count effects how you treat people in real life?

SG: “People don’t talk on the phone anymore because of I have 1500 followers and I’m too bourgeois for you. You begin to see how they entertain their followers on IG instead of keeping in tune with whoever they have a certain vibe with.”

SL: “The higher the friend count the more you cater to your followers and stop caring about the people in your real life, as opposed to having a lower friend count where you use social media to show the actual life you are living with the people you care about.”

SG2: “For me personally a follower or friend count doesn’t effect how i treat anyone. Those social media numbers aren’t representative of much other than people are into the same things I am into so we share each others lives. I’m certain its different for someone who wants a bunch of friends/followers for the purpose of fame or status but since that’s not my goal it doesn’t mean much to me.”

SL2: “For some people that may actually make a difference in their lives me personally, I don’t really give a damn! I know some people can base their confidence off of how many followers they have and the cool artsy pictures they put out, but I didn’t know “IG famous” was a thing. ”


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