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Seven Insta-Ready Dates for the Social Media Couple

By : Dakota Murphy
Although it might not be everybody’s cup of tea, keeping your feeds brimming with cute snaps is not only fun and romantic, but can actually be very lucrative with a bit of patience. So stop apologizing for sharing your loved-up snaps with the world. You should be embracing every opportunity to capture, curate and broadcast your special moments online.We can all have a giggle at “Instagram Husbands”, but it’s a fact that there’s a growing number of couples that revolve their lives around their social media channels.

If you want some inspiration for romantic, insta-ready date nights then look no further. Grab your camera and make sure your phone is charged – we’ve got your weekend (and your snapchat feed) completely sorted.

  1. Fake a Weekend Getaway

Booking a last minute flight to a romantic destination is a bit beyond most of our budgets, but don’t let that stop you from sharing FOMO-inducing holiday-style snaps on your feed. Simply grab your selfie-stick and head to your town’s most notable landmarks.


For a dash of sophistication, try re-creating the famous “hand-holding” photo series, or for something a bit sillier, opt for cheesy tourist poses in every shot. Fully commit by using all the classic holiday hashtags like #wanderlust, #instatravel and #jetsetter.


  1. 2.The Ultimate #TBT

Ever wondered what you and your beau would look like if you from a different era? Most cities have a themed-photo studio tucked away somewhere, where you can recreate portraits from past decades.


Half the fun is choosing your props and costumes, and getting to see how awesome you’d look as Victorians, 1920 mobsters or Jedi knights. After the shoot you can show your digital followers a different side to your personality and get a framed print to hang up in your home.



  1. Embody #RelationshipGoals

If camp characters aren’t your thing, a professional couples photoshoot can still be a romantic and memorable experience. An experienced studio will be able to capture your true relationship quirks with pictures that can add a bit of expert variation to your usual snapshot. Whether you want to highlight your sophisticated side or celebrate a hobby you both share, let the studio know in advance and they can recommend particular outfits or props you should bring to create photos you’ll treasure for a long time.


  1. Become the New YouTube Hit (maybe)

Start by writing 10 questions for each other, but don’t reveal what they are yet. The questions should be funny, cheeky and completely bizarre – a “would you rather…?” format works particularly well!


Next, set up a video camera and tripod to record yourselves as you try and answer. You might just strike comedy gold, decide to upload the clip to YouTube and become an overnight sensation… Or at the very least you’ll learn some interesting new things about each other.


  1. 5. Showcase your Hipster Side

If you’re up for some culture then it’s time to whip out the irony, and head to your favorite museum or art gallery. The first rule is that you and your SO must both wear all black (turtlenecks if possible), and keep your sunglasses on indoors. The second rule is that you can only take pictures of things that are NOT the exhibits – blank walls, empty staircases and any marks on the floor.


Steer clear of selfies (waaaay too mainstream), and maintain a discerning, intellectual expression in every shot. Make sure to upload everything with a Willow filter, and have a great time baffling the other visitors.



  1. Go Old-School Cool

Try and take a photo in every single photobooth in your town. A few props (hats, novelty sunglasses, fake moustaches etc.) and different poses or celebrity impressions will mix up each session… just don’t get too cosy behind the curtain! Not only do you get a physical copy to put on your fridge, you can share totally meta photos-of-photos to your social media accounts.



  1. Capture an Adventure
    Grab a couple of GoPro cameras and book yourselves onto an adrenaline-filled activity day. Find something neither of you have tried before, like kayaking or taking an off-road Segway trail, and get filming. Not only will you get the thrill of trying out something completely new, but your initial excitement (or terror) will be captured on film to share with all your friends and family.


The key here is to have as much fun as possible, while also getting some unique snaps of you and your squeeze to share with your followers. Have fun!

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