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What to Do as the Single Friend at a Wedding

Author : Alexandria Traylor ||

The spring and summer season is notorious for weddings and engagement parties across the nation. As a single female, at times attending numerous weddings can be intimidating and daunting. There are a couple of do’s and don’ts that you should want to constantly be aware of. Some tips are obvious.

  1. Don’t Throw a Pity Party

Don’t feel bad for yourself because you don’t have a “date” to the wedding. Don’t play the victim by feeling bad for yourself. It’s perfectly okay that this is not your season to date. Instead, instead take a close female friend, sister, or a platonic guy friend. Congratulate the new couple.


  1. Don’t Rush into a Situationship for the Wedding

It is correct that friends and family can be somewhat intimidating with constant questions regarding who you’re brining. It can add an element of pressure onto you. Although it may be cute to have a fine beau on your arm, rethink this concept. Skip out on that merely pacifying that empty feeling and re-direct your focus completely. Ask the bride how you can help on her day. Brainstorm future event ideas with your girl date. Mingle with the array of bachelors present at the wedding without any outside pressure or influence.


  1. Don’t be “That” Girl

Please, make it a priority to not be that drunk girl whose sole purpose is to get lit off of the free cocktails. Who doesn’t love a couple of free cocktails? Being drunk, however is not cute in the least bit. Don’t be that girl who makes catching the bouquet mandatory. Don’t be that girl who wants to catch the best man so badly that her dress shows all of His goods. You can be classy and tasteful at the same time. Leave something to the imagination. What keeps people around is what they hear, not what they see.


  1. Do Have a Great Time

Remember who you are honoring, the union of two lives. Have fun and dance. Enjoy the joyous atmosphere. Learn a couple of new line dances that you weren’t previously familiar with. Converse with total strangers at your table. Try to learn something new from these individuals. You never know who may know who or who can prove to be influential in your future.

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