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Interview with Director Michael Vaughn of Letoya Luckett Video

By : Wayne Allen

We recently had the opportunity to get an understanding of how one storyteller beautifully depicts the many different levels of a relationship in the music video created for Letoya Luckett’s song Back 2 life. In the art of storytelling, you have to find the creative balance that allows the audience to feel connected while simultaneously making the narrative seem fresh. Director Michael Vaughn does just that with his take on a very interesting love triangle for Letoya Luckett’s Back 2 Life visual. The video has already surpassed 4 million views on youtube with industry whispers of turning the project into something more full-fledged. We recently caught up with Vaughn to discuss the challenges and achievements in creating a beautiful narrative.

Thanks for the time how are you?

No problem! I’m good just got back from set. How are you doing?

Amazingly well, how was set?

Great to hear! It’s been fun. Just working on a day at a time.

Cool, what project are you working on?

Oh man, a number of projects. I’m under NDA on many so I can’t say exact details but we currently are in production for a commercial series, documentary, music videos, workout video, and a number of shorts. We juggle a lot at a time.

Awesome!  How did you link up with Letoya and her team?

They reached out to me and told me the concept of shooting a narrative music video, and I was sold! I have a huge passion for the narrative so I went to work and started writing.

Speaking of, how was the creative process behind creating that narrative?

It was fun, she’s a really amazing creative. Very hands on and attentive to the vision which is great for me when working with any talent. Once I got the script written up she brought it to life. She’s great at what she does so on set it was amazing to see the chemistry between her and Thomas Q. Jones who played her counterpart. They both gave life, from happy hope moments to literally screaming in each other’s face.


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